The Mid-Life Woman's To Do List

Don't think of the mid-life crisis, rather live it up each day.

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Today and everyday I laugh, chortle, giggle, or guffaw.

I expect a fun surprise.

I cherish the comfort of my surroundings.

I express my unique gifts to the world so as not to deprive others of the miracle that I am.

I live large.

I am frivolous and maybe silly for a few minutes (at least).

I discover something precious in someone I encounter, whether I know her or not.

I listen to my soul sing.

I invite magic into my life.

I indulge my creativity before I do the chores.

I take a trip in my imagination and I am uninhibited.

I embrace my feelings and listen to them.

I bless my Controller and give her a retirement party.

I am lazy if I want to be.

I learn a joke and tell it.

I color a picture and hang it on the refrigerator.

I write and draw in my journal.

I trust that everything I need will present itself to me without my labor, with only my open-heartedness.

I love my thighs and my abs and every part of me just the way I am.

I let my whims guide me.

I wear something outrageous.

I put my Worry to bed.

I read for pleasure.

I am an artist with my life.

I paint the air with my joy.

Ruth Cherry, PhD, is a clinical psychologist in private practice in San Luis Obispo, CA. Her specialty is the merging of psychological and spiritual dynamics. Her books are Living in the Flow: Practicing Vibrational Alignment, Acceptng Unconditional Love, and Transformation Workbook. Her web site is


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