The “Get to Know” Questions for Kids

Communicating with kids is not always just to know them, it’s also you as a parent get to know about different aspects and to look at things differently.

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The ability to create something from personal feelings and experiences is what reflects a kid’s creativity. If we harness the power of puns and creativity is what a kid answers when any question is asked to them.

Their answers are such smart and funnier, sometime parents get confused whether it should be credited or appreciated or whether to penalize it.

Kids have varying perspective and broad thoughts of defining anything when asked for explanation. Also since they are very keen observers, they have unique way of looking at things and understanding it. So let’s see some few cool “Get to know” questions to know your kids better way –

20 Questions to “Get to know” your kid better-

1. What you will want to be when you grow up? Why?

2. If you could live anywhere in this world? Where it will be?

3. What is your biggest complaint about your school?

4. What are your pet peeves?

5. What are your hobbies?

6. Can you describe your friends?

7. What nickname you like for yourself?

8. What really makes you angry?

9. If you had a choice to choose between Studying and Playing, what will you choose and why?

10. What makes you more energetic?

11. What is your favorite game? Why?

12. Whom you share all your secrets with?

13. Would you rather go out on vacation with friends or Mom and Dad?

14. What are you most afraid of?

15. Which is your favorite Subject in School?

16. What are the things you think of the most in a day?

17. What you think, who knows you the best?

18. If given choice what will you choose, an Apple or a Burger?

19. How you want to celebrate your birthday this year?

20. You like helping your sibling with studies?

Getting to know your kid is somewhat difficult, and obviously with their changing mind set, their mood swings, and the changing surrounding around them make them think differently every time. So ask them questions frequently, it will keep you updated with what your kid thinks.

Also again do not ask the same questions again and again it might get irritating for them and they will instead stop answering to the questions. Keep the questions simple, communicate with them daily apart from how was their day. Ask them about what you learnt today, how are your friends, ask about their teacher or activities happening at school, their anticipation in those activities.

From this periodical communication, parents can even track about what the kid’s keen interest is into. Try to talk about his focused interest more. Trust me, it will surely make you to know your child better. Since the communication will be more interesting for the kid too. And eventually parents will become the kid’s go-to person and eventually you will get to know your kid in depth for sure.

Try to give your kids a healthy and learning environment to be in, parents should also share some real life experiences with kids and keep them aware of the facts. It’s not necessary that always bookish knowledge is beneficial for kids. Tell them about your accomplishments, other family members achievements, how was the earlier era. This will help them motivate and open up to talk and share things more often by themselves, instead of parents asking them all the time.

Getting your kids know you is also as important as it is for you to know your kid. 


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