The future of real estate investment in Dubai

Real estate investment in Dubai is the new age equivalent of the American Gold rush. And it holds a lot of promise for the investors. It has been growing and shows signs of goods results ahead.

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Active action from the government is boosting investor confidence. Ease of visa rules and simplified rules are a great lure for potential buyers. Permanent Residency options with a secure and vibrant business and the living market is a major boost for the Dubai Real estate sector. Another example of a positive investing space is visa on arrival to the Chinese and a few more. This makes it a very sweet deal for an entrepreneur to initiate business ties with Dubai.


The next half of the decade looks ominous for real estate investment in Dubai, As per a report 'construction in the U.A.E - key trends and opportunities to 2023. This is fueled by government support and an increased Oil price. The opportunities to invest are bright.

It has been the last few years of pain and suffering for Dubai. However recent signs suggest a 5 percent growth up to 2024. Dubai properties are a great opportunity if you are looking for investment opportunities. The investors in Dubai come from over 200 different countries and diverse socio-cultural background.

The expats in the emirates will benefit from the 2020 expo. This will give way to new policies, travel and communication platforms, improved focus on education and lifestyle facilities. Novel innovations in technology and import of best practices will bring more investment to the region.

Travel and tourism impacts real estate value. Dubai is a connecting hub to the world. Europe and the Americas meet Asia in the U.A.E. the most stable and foreigner-friendly place in the region.

More than 20 million visitors are expected next year. This will create a need for new construction to fulfill residential and commercial demands. A whole new array of work and leisure amenities are called for. This growth will certainly lead to an increased real estate valuation.

Energy concerns and technology transfer. The world is looking at Dubai to lead alternative energy and fuel conservation efforts. This will create the market for infrastructural expansion for new offices and industrial setups. The Dubai expo will have world experts in finance and energy. Dubai is already a finance hub. Energy will add further glitter to the gold.

A correct pricing is a good sign for an intelligent investor. Offices and homes are both available at a great price with a certainty of growth ahead. The most attractive part about any robust market is a friendly safe environment supported by a stable socio-political establishment. Dubai is second to none when it comes to this.

More than 50 thousand residential properties will be ready by the end of 2019. You are spoilt for choices as an investor. With so much to choose from your personal taste can most certainly be met.

Once you have made up your mind you need a reliable real estate agency in Dubai to support your investment endeavours. Experience and network amongst key developers is a must. Armed with the right knowledge and a real estate agency like Vera reality for example, you will do well with your asset building. Investment definitely Dubai.

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