The Deadline Extends for Covered California After Texas Federal Court Obamacare Ruling

In President Donald Trump's Administration, health card played a significant role with the ruling of the Affordable Care Act popularly known as Obama Care.

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In President Donald Trump's Administration, health cards played a significant role in the ruling of the Affordable Care Act popularly known as Obama Care. The former insurance policy has a provision of the individual mandate in which all the Americans must have a basic level of health insurance coverage. The law imposes a tax penalty on those who fail to get themselves secured under the plans. The Republican Government challenged this Act, and after it brought changes in tax penalties through Congress, the U.S. District Judge Reed O'Connor ruled that the landmark health care law.

The District Judge, along with 19 attorney generals and 1 governor, argued and announced that the law is no longer constitutional. Though the Texas court ruling has held Obamacare as unconstitutional, there are no immediate allocations for changes in American health care plans. The case concerning the Affordable Care Act will further be appealed to the U.S Court of Appeals for Fifth Circuit and finally to the U.S Supreme Court, an operation that could take several months to announce the final verdict.

The Covered California Obamacare schemes were introduced to sell the health plans to the citizens who weren't insured through the public health coverage Medicaid or their employers. Around 2 million Californians used to buy health insurance plans through the exchange. The low-income earners used to receive federal subsidies to pay for their premiums. According to the director of Covered Calfornia, Peter Lee, no one should be discouraged to buy insurance schemes after such announcements. The marketplace of some insurance companies is planning to extend the deadlines due to last-minute decisions. Lee also mentioned that in the past week, post-announcement 1.2 million have already renewed their health insurance plans, nearly 180,000 people have enrolled for coverage, and more than 58,000 have signed up for health plans.

Here are a few advantages of buying an insurance plan through Covered Calfornia:

The last-minute announcement by the federal court of Texas has created a ruckus in the insurance market, and there are many insurance companies that are not willing to stretch their limit for a long period for signup by new consumers. Covered Calfornia in this regard has been benevolent to the citizens by offering an extension to the signup deadlines by three months.

Not only a three months extension is being provided to the new consumers of Covered Calfornia, but the company also promises financial assistance for covering up the health insurance schemes. Californians who come under the federal poverty level with a household income between 138 percent to 400 percent and are eligible for other health insurance coverage will be granted a tax credit to prune the expenses of their monthly premiums. People belonging to the federal poverty level of 250 percent will be given additional subsidies, including co-pays and deductibles.

There are many individuals who buy health insurance schemes individually in contrast to getting it insured through the employer or public health insurance scheme. There are around 2.5 million Californians who purchase health scheme as an individual, and among them, 1.4 million prefers to buy it through Covered Calfornia. The company has good news for its consumers as it offers government subsidies, which are not provided by other insurance companies.

There are multiple ways in which a person can enrol for health schemes of Covered Calfornia. They can signup online, download a paper application form, get assistance through call or email, or walk down in person to the office.

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