The Basics Of Marriage

Marriage is the strongest bond between two individuals that lasts forever. Check here to know more about this holiest relationship!

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The Basics Of Marriage

Love is complicated things and we all agree with it. But imagine waking up with the person you love and hearing the voice saying Your coffee Sweetheart. Yeah! I know everyone appreciates to have a partner that you can lean on when you feel like you are hurt or scared. What you think about telling the intimate secret to your partner without being judged? You’ll appreciate when he/she can do anything and everything just to make your smile. The one who makes you feel cozy and never gives up on you. Just appreciate the efforts, strength, and comfort zone which the person brings for you. Yeah! The bond that never breaks and two of them chose to share their lives and forever. Holding each other hand when you feel destroyed no matter whether it is a job, lifestyle, or business but trust me it gives you the strength to bear all such. The little things like jokes and fighting for the TV remote make your bond even stronger. Those little things matter.

Why you should get Married?

Marriages are the bedrock to the society and many reasons make your marriage awful. The idea that marriage is to makes two people happy together. Imagine that you can love someone but you can’t get married. How does it feel? I know the feeling that hurts you while imagining this though. Tying a knot together with each other is not only about to persons but how they are comfortable with each other. The comfort level they share, the love and understanding they had. Trust me this is not everyone’s cup of tea, maintaining the love, understanding, privacy in your relationship it is something called a relationship. A married person is happier than those who are just in love. Marriage is considered to be the strongest bond that lives with you forever, the only relationship where you live for each other. Marriage is the perfect combination of sweet and spices which makes a balanced diet i.e. marriage. You need a person to share your life with and the bond of marriage is perfect for that.

How to Stay Married?

I would say that marriages are like wine and it becomes better and even happier as old they are. The person who stayed with you for more than 20 years will never leave even in the worst situation. This is the time where you realize that the bond you both had is lasting forever. So the time you spent is now good or sometimes bad memories but you fought at your worst and celebrated together at your best. No one in this world is all time a happy person. So as marriage you’ll face many ups and downs but the best part is you’ll with the person whom you love. This makes even the worst situation better. Your supportive partner makes your bond special.

I have talked about everything that marriage has but you can truly relate that some marriages are not so perfect to stay forever. Marriages sometimes create the worst situation where people either get divorced or they have the option to never get married. Here you’ll find some reasons that convinced you not to get married.

Why you shouldn’t get Married?

Some people die to get married and some just even hate the fact of getting married. Getting married or not is someone’s personal choice. Many stay single because they always wanted to enjoy their single life and some of them are doing so. They might be bad at relationships or marriages scare them. Well! The concept of spending your whole life with one person seems not to be much digestive. So, for them, relationships and marriages won’t work out.

Even some of the experts advise not to get married because of the responsibilities that you have to after marriage. If you are scared of taking the responsibilities then marriage is not meant for you. Marriage comes up with full responsibilities and sometimes with the pressure.

You can never do your own things as you have to rely on someone. Forget about the own world as it will crash the day you get married. It is one of the main reasons not to marry. 

What are the qualities of a good marriage partner?


Emotionally mature partners learn from their experiences. They never bring their past experiences into their current relationship. They have a strong sense of independence and they know to cut out themselves from destructive influences from their previous relationships and experience. They evolve with time and never look for someone to compensate for their shortcomings. They look for a partner in you with whom they can share their life. 

Undefended and open

A good marriage partner will be open to sharing anything and everything with you. They will be willing to be vulnerable in front of you. Instead of looking for perfection in you, they would like you to be approachable and receptive to their views which will help them in their individual growth.  The ideal partners are free-thinking and open-minded. They are forthright and express their feelings, thoughts, desires, and dreams openly. This will allow both of you to know each other completely. 


Good marriage partners realize the importance of loyalty and honesty in their relationship. They know it is necessary to build trust between the partners. Dishonesty and deception can destroy the close relationships between two people. The ideal partner builds the relationship on integrity and will avoid any discrepancies between their words and actions. 

Respect your freedom

Ideal marriage partners will always value the interests of their [partners which are different from their own. They will be supportive of the overall goals of life. They will always be sensitive to the wants, desires, dreams, and feelings of their partner. They treat them as equals and will respect the freedom of their partners. They will never try to control you or manipulate you.

Best pieces of marriage advice:

Every relationship needs conscious efforts, trust, love, care, and respect for each other.  The best pieces of marriage advice are:

Trust Each Other: Trust is the foundation of every healthy relationship. You can't imagine living happily with each other if you don't trust each other. Be open and honest with your partner and encourage healthy discussions. This will make it easier for both of you to confide in each other. 

Support Your Partner: Every human being is an individual first, and every individual has some dreams and aspirations. Marriage should never mean sacrificing your dreams and your ambitions. Both the partners should support and motivate each other in achieving the goals of their life, instead.

Spend quality time with each other: Our partner should always be your priority, and no matter how old the relationship becomes, you must not take each other for granted.  In today's hectic life, carriers have become our priorities, but that should never push your married life to the back seat. Make it a point to take out time for each other on a daily basis. Enjoy your meals together, text each other at least twice a day, and always greet each other lovingly with a smile on your face. 

The other best pieces of marriage advice include being amicable with each other's friends, respecting the family of your partner and giving necessary space to each other.  


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