Thanks to FedEx, We Might Have a Robot Delivering Our Pizza

This isn't a joke. Read on to get the toppings on this story.

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Who knew machine automation would go this far? Certainly FedEx has been seeing the writing on the wall, but to take it this far? Good, bad, who knows: but it certainly is funny to think that a 'robot' might be knocking on your door or ringing your bell just to give you your anchovy pizza. The video actually shows you current testing going on from another company out there.

This Summer, FedEx Also Plans on Testing Robotics to Handle Not Only Pizza Hut Deliveries, But Walmart Deliveries as Well

When you think about it, it's not a far-fetched idea. After all, we sort of already have the possibility in place for a drone to deliver us coffee. Why not pizza? Self-driving cars are gaining a lot of traction, too, so as much as you'd want to laugh at this, it could be an easy efficiency streamline for those who want their pies faster and cleaner, plus no need to worry about tips and people losing directions.

Delivery costs quite a bit -- you've got to worry about the hourly rates of delivery people, of course, and then petrol expenses, plus auto maintenance becomes an issue.

FedEx is making this happen with DEKA Development & Research Corp, the same company that invented the Segway, if you can believe that. So there's some backing and reputation here. Who knows what will come of this as robotics and automation could give birth to the likes of mail delivery -- either by robot or self-driving cars, or drones. The possibilities are really endless.

At the moment, the battery-powered robots FedEx is considering look very much like coolers with wheels. So imagine that, seeing them rolling around on sidewalks and roadways at a speed of just 10 MPH, delivering pizza. Don't count your chickens quite yet as the project must gain approval in certain test cities. If it's a profitable venture, who knows: you might see this happening at your Pizza Hut very soon.


Expect Other Brands, Too, Looking Into the Techno-Model as a Sign of Progress

Can you say Amazon? They've been in the news quite a bit along with Google, so that shouldn't be a surprise. the e-commerce giant is currently testing their own brand called Scout, so the competition may get heavy. Thankfully UPS isn't jumping on this bandwagon (yet), because then it will be an all-out war of attrition.

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