Content rights & responsibilities

You own the rights on content you create and post on Vigyaa Platform. You or your representative severally or jointly liable for such post.Vigyaa shall not be held liable for any post published by you.

The content you will post in the Vigyaa platform and gives you right to add posts, texts, photos, videos, links, and files to share with the viewers and/or subscribers in the Vigyaa Platform. All such materials, contents & post that you upload, publish or display to others in the Vigyaa Platform, hereinafter further collectively referred to as “your content” You acknowledge and agree that, as part of using the Vigyaa Platform, Your Content may be viewed by the general public.

By posting content to Vigyaa, you give us a nonexclusive, worldwide, royalty-free, license to publish it on Vigyaa Services, including anything reasonably related to publishing it (like storing, displaying, reformatting, and distributing, to other companies, organizations, business partners, or individuals who collaborate). In consideration for Vigyaa granting you access to and use of the Services, you agree that Vigyaa may enable advertising on the Services, including in connection with the display of your content or other information. Vigyaa may also use your content to promote Vigyaa, including its products and content. Vigyaa will never sell your content to third parties without your explicit permission.

This license also includes the right for other users of the vigyaa Platform to use, copy, reproduce, adapt, modify, create derivative works from, publish, transmit, display, and distribute, translate, communicate and make available to the public Your Content, subject to our Terms of Use.

You’re responsible for the content you post. You shall be required to sign up with the required information(s) in order to publish your content. This means you assume all risks related to it, including someone else’s reliance on its accuracy, or claims relating to intellectual property or other financial and/or legal rights.

You’re welcome to post content simultaneously on Vigyaa platform that you’ve published elsewhere, as long as you have the rights to do so as per the terms of this TOU. By posting content to Vigyaa, you represent that doing so doesn’t conflict with any other arrangements or agreement you’ve made.

However for the betterment and to give a proper formation / texture of your content in Vigyaa’s platform, you hereby acknowledge Vigyaa, if required to do so can modify the 'Headline' and/or 'Synopsis' of the content in order to receive maximum shares, views, likes, etc.

Vigyaa shall have the rights to remove and/or amend any content you post for reason stated in clause 8 or any other reason not stated herein under, the basic examples are stated below:

  • Vigyaa don’t allow anything that presents a real risk of harm to people or property. Vigyaa also doesn’t want anyone making threats, organizing violence or encouraging others to be violent.
  • Any person or group that’s dedicated to causing harm to others isn’t Vigyaa. That includes terrorist organizations and gangs. Vigyaa collaborates with industry, government and security experts to help to eradicate these activities.
  • Vigyaa shall remove anything that identifies and attacks private people because Vigyaa considers it to be bullying. Vigyaa also don’t allow anything that reveals someone’s personally identifiable information or asks a minor for it.
  • Vigyaa removes content used to sell or buy regulated goods, like drugs, alcohol, tobacco, firearms and other hazardous materials.


  • Don’t claim, demand any damages and/or monetary consideration towards posting your content and/or consequences arising out of the removal of the content as per the terms of the TOU. 
  • Don’t infringe vigyaa and /or associated assigns or third party 's intellectual property, privacy or other rights.
  • Don’t do anything or post any content that violates laws or regulations.
  • Don’t share your user id & password with any one., or do anything that might put your account at risk.
  • Don’t sell access to your account, boards, or username, or otherwise transfer account features for compensation.
  • Access or tamper with non-public areas of the Services, our computer systems, or the systems of our technical providers;
  • Access or search the Services by any means other than the currently available, published interfaces (e.g., APIs) that Vigyaa provide;
  • Forge any TCP/IP packet header or any part of the header information in any email or posting, or in any way use the Services to send altered, deceptive, or false source-identifying information;
  • Interfere with, or disrupt, the access of any user, host, or network, including sending a virus, overloading, flooding, spamming, mail-bombing the Services, or by scripting the creation of content or accounts in such a manner as to interfere with or create an undue burden on the Services.

You can delete any of your posts, or your account, anytime. Processing the deletion may take a little time, but Vigyaa’ll do it as quickly as possible. Vigyaa may keep backup copies of your deleted post or account on our servers for up to 30 days after you delete it. Vigyaa may change, terminate, or restrict access to any aspect of the service, at any time, without any prior notice.


Abusive Behaviour

Vigyaa believe in freedom of expression and open dialogue, but that means little as an underlying philosophy if voices are silenced because people are afraid to speak up. In order to ensure that people feel safe expressing diverse opinions and beliefs, Vigyaa prohibit behavior that crosses the line into abuse, including behavior that harasses, intimidates, or uses fear to silence another user’s voice.

Context matters when evaluating for abusive behavior and determining appropriate enforcement actions. Factors Vigyaa may take into consideration include, but are not limited to whether:

  • the behavior is targeted at an individual or group of people;
  • the report has been filed by the target of the abuse or a bystander;
  • the behavior is newsworthy and in the legitimate public interest


Violence and physical harm

Violence: You may not make specific threats of violence or wish for the serious physical harm, death, or disease of an individual or group of people. This includes, but is not limited to, threatening or promoting terrorism. You also may not affiliate with organizations that — whether by their own statements or activity both on and off the platform — use or promote violence against civilians to further their causes.

Suicide or self-harm: You may not promote or encourage suicide or self-harm. When Vigyaa receive reports that a person is threatening suicide or self-harm, Vigyaa may take a number of steps to assist them, such as reaching out to that person and providing resources such as contact information for our mental health partners.

Child sexual exploitation: You may not promote child sexual exploitation.


Abuse and hateful conduct

Abuse: You may not engage in the targeted harassment of someone, or incite other people to do so. Vigyaa consider abusive behavior an attempt to harass, intimidate, or silence someone else’s voice.

Unwanted sexual advances: You may not direct abuse at someone by sending unwanted sexual content, objectifying them in a sexually explicit manner, or otherwise engaging in sexual misconduct.

Hateful conduct:  You may not promote violence against, threaten, or harass other people on the basis of race, ethnicity, national origin, sexual orientation, gender, gender identity, religious affiliation, age, disability, or serious disease.

Hateful imagery and display names: You may not use hateful images or symbols in your profile image or profile header. You also may not use your username, display name, or profile bio to engage in abusive behavior, such as targeted harassment or expressing hate towards a person, group, or protected category. 



You may not impersonate individuals, groups, or organizations in a manner that is intended to or does mislead, confuse, or deceive others. While you may maintain parody, fan, commentary, or newsfeed accounts, you may not do so if the intent of the account is to engage in spamming or abusive behavior.


Free Trials

  • Your Vigyaa membership may start with a free trial. The duration of the free trial period of your membership will be specified during sign-up.
  • Free trial eligibility is determined by Vigyaa at its sole discretion and we may limit eligibility or duration to prevent free trial abuse. We reserve the right to revoke the free trial and put your account on hold in the event that we determine that you are not eligible.
  • We will charge the membership fee for the next billing cycle to your Payment Method at the end of the free trial period unless you cancel your membership prior to the end of the free trial period.


Paid Services

  • The use of certain Vigyaa services may be subject to payment of particular fees, as determined by vigyaa in its sole discretion (“Paid Services” and “Fee(s)”, respectively). The details of the plan specified in “subscription model” If you wish to receive or use such Paid Services, you are required to pay all applicable Fees in advance.
  • Vigyaa reserves the right to change its Fees at any time without notice to you.
  • Paid services may very subject to plan.
  • Systems automatically start sending, Notification/Reminder of subscription expiring on registered e-mail id.
  • All Fees shall be deemed to be in U.S. Dollars, except as specifically stated otherwise in writing by Vigyaa.
  • As part of registering or submitting information to receive Paid Services, you also authorize Vigyaa(either directly or through its affiliates, subsidiaries or other third parties) to request and collect payment (or otherwise charge, refund or take any other billing actions) from our payment provider or your designated banking account, and to make any inquiries or its affiliates may consider necessary to validate your designated payment account or financial information, in order to ensure prompt payment, including for the purpose of receiving updated payment details from your payment, credit card or banking account provider (e.g., updated expiry date or card number as may be provided to us by your credit card company).
  • Paid subscriber who are using mobile app shall be allowed to download any number of articles in word/pdf format.
  • Some of our services not included in the paid services. Youshall creat Ala-carte for these service and have to pay additionally for these services other than paid services as specified in “Subscription model” .
  • Paid users shall be given an option to choose ads free content. There should be On-Off button on the user dashboard from where user can
  • do this selection. This features will be shown disabled to normal user on clicking on this button, a pop up should be shown asking him to be a paid subscriber.
  • In order to ensure that you do not experience any interruption or loss of services, certain Paid Services include an automatic renewal option by default, according to which, unless you turn-off the auto-renewal option, such Paid Services will automatically renew upon the end of the applicable subscription period, for a renewal period equal in time to the original subscription period (excluding extended periods) and, unless otherwise notified to you, at the same price (subject to applicable Taxes changes and excluding any discount or other promotional offer provided for the first period) (“Renewing Paid Services”).

By entering into this Agreement and by purchasing a Renewing Paid Service, you acknowledge and agree that the Renewing Paid Service shall automatically renew in accordance with the above terms.


Graphic violence and adult content

Vigyaa consider graphic violence to be any form of gory media related to death, serious injury, violence, or surgical procedures. Vigyaa consider adult content to be any media that is pornographic and/or may be intended to cause sexual arousal.

Additionally, Vigyaa may require you to remove excessively graphic violence as per the law of governing body or as per the specific request received from any person or third parties.


Unlawful use

You may not use our service for any unlawful activities or purposes. By using Vigyaa, you specifically agreed to comply with all applicable laws governing your online conduct and content. You are deemed to using your account, unless or until any intimation of termination received from your side or any information/complaint of hacking and /or misusing informed to vigyaa with duly written proof from your side.


Objectionable Contents

Vigyaa and/or their team at their sole discretion having right to delete, hide, report, stop posting contents which are in non-trendy, Spreading Violence, offensive ,unwanted sexual advances, Hateful contents , Suicidal or harming , child sexual exploitation ,Hateful imagery and display names & violation any law and rules as per governing law of country or any other contents which is directly or indirectly associated.


Third-party advertising in video content

You expressly agreed and consent that the contents so post are derived from your own sources and you have all right , ownership, consent , approvals & license to post these contents and further agreed that by posting this contents, you are not violating third party/parties right and /or interest directly or indirectly.


Incorporated rules and policies

By using the Services, you exclusively giving right & agreed to let Vigyaa collect and use information as detailed in our Privacy Policy. By using Vigyaa, you agreed to follow these Rules and Policies.


Disclosure and Distribution Of Your Information:

Vigyaa reserve the rights to distribute your limited personal information to any third party only under one of the following circumstances.

For Crime Prevention or Investigation.

Vigyaa may share this information with governmental agencies or other companies assisting us, when Vigyaa are: Obligated under the applicable laws or in good faith to respond to court orders and processes; or Detecting and preventing against the actual or potential occurrence of identity theft, fraud, abuse of Services and other illegal acts; Responding to claims that an advertisement, posting or other content violates the intellectual property rights of a third party; Under a duty to disclose or share your personal data in order to enforce or apply our TOU and other agreements; or to protect the rights, property, or safety of the Company, our customers, or others. This includes exchanging information with other companies and organisations for the purposes of fraud protection and credit risk reduction. For Internal Use. Vigyaa may share this information with any member of our Group. The term "Group" includes means, with respect to any person, any entity that is controlled by such person, or any entity that controls such person, or any entity that is under common control with such person, whether directly or indirectly, or, in the case of a natural person, any Relative (as such term is defined in the Companies Act, 1956 and Companies Act, 2013 to the extent applicable) of such person.



Disclaimer of warranty. Vigyaa does not provides any warranty regarding the Services. . You use them at your own & sole risk and discretion, whether express or implied, including any implied warranties of title, non-infringement, quiet enjoyment, integration, merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose,merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose, availability, security, title or non-infringement.

Limitation of Liability. Vigyaa shall not be liable for any loss or damages suffered by you that are remote or speculative, or that vigyaa could not have reasonably have foreseen on entry into this agreement.

Indemnification. You agree to release, indemnify, and defend Vigyaa Entities from all third-party claims and costs (including reasonable attorneys’ fees) arising out of or related to: i) your use of the Vigyaa Portal.

No matter. No waiver. No breach of any provision of this TOU will be waived except with the express written consent of the Vigyaa or its management, employee or assigns.

SEVERABILITY: If any clause, or portion of a clause, in this TOU is considered invalid under the rule of law, it shall be regarded as stricken while the remainder of this TOU shall continue to be in full effect.

Governing law and jurisdiction. The TOU terms are governed by and construed in accordance with Indian law, for any claim or violation you expressly agreed you will be brought the claim or came for violation in court of “”

Entire agreement. These Terms (including any document incorporated by reference into them) are the whole agreement between Vigyaa and you concerning the Services.

Government use. If you’re using ​Vigyaa and using this as a publishing platform ​Vigyaa’s TOU ​applies to you​.

Termination. You may close your account at any time by going to account settings and disabling your account. We may terminate or suspend your vigyaa account if you violate any vigyaa policy or for any other reason without any prior information to you. Soon after closing of account , you shall not be able to post any article on the website.