Technology Doesn't Have to Do EVERYTHING for You

Just ask the free fintech app you can find anywhere -- PRISM.

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Ever heard of it? It's only one of the biggest apps out there designed to help manage your money, which we've heard is one of the biggest topics in technology these days. Why? Because of the negative connotation -- oh, dear, tech will rule the world, and then we end up with perilous thoughts of machines running our lives, us getting fat, and then soon none of us knowing how to even balance a checkbook. A relevant fear to have.

The Fact Is Technology Is a Problem in a Lot of Ways


We end up a bit lazy. We focus on convenience and not independence. We have to remember that we're still in charge and not dependent on the machines to do our work for us. And while we're busy buying things, we're wondering so much why we end up going into debt so easily.

This is why fintech's so big right now. And what separates the "automaters" from the "empowerers" of fintech sits right at the center -- Prism. Probably the only app out there you can use on the go that won't do everything for you, but keeps you in control for the most part.

Now Don't Get Us Wrong, Though -- Automation Helps a Lot

We sometimes need that helping hand. But this is our money; we should be able to see it before anything happens to it. Prism does exactly that: it lets you see the bills, automate them if you choose, or manually pay them if you like.

The keyword here is CHOICE. You have the ability to be empowered with your money -- through technology.

Unlike money-saving apps and other budget management platforms, the thing about Prism is that it is strictly bill management. Think of it as a digital 'ledger'. Something of a lost art these days. With all the automation taking over, many people end up not even thinking about what comes out of the account in exchange for the lessened stress on their lives.



Prism Does It a Little Different

You sign in. You link all your bills on there. You then link your payment accounts. Voila. Now instead of scrounging around for that bill that came in the mail, you can pay it immediately via the app without a problem. That's convenience, but with empowerment at your fingertips. And it's all because of technology.

It's remarkable, because once a new bill becomes available, even before you get it in the mail, Prism sends you a push notification on your phone that you'll be receiving something for the electric bill, or the cable bill, or the Netflix bill, that you should be aware of before it pulls the rug out from under you.

You then have the choice to either pay that bill right then and there -- or you can schedule it for a later date. Again, it gives you control.

Other Features, of Course, Include....

Payday inputting, for one. That's right -- you can actually have the app track all your paydays in conjunction with your bills' due dates. Additionally Prism has this nifty feature of notifying you when a bill ends up looking, well, unusual.

Like your gas bill, for instance. Perhaps it went up compared to last month -- that kind of communication covers you with a reminder that maybe you should check the actual bill and make sure it's all accurate.

Lastly, if you think that it's a pay-it-and-it-disappears affair, know that the app actually logs a history of each and every bill you've paid, so you can always review everything. Perhaps even print everything for reference of other services you would need for proof that you indeed pay these bills at this address or that address. You get the picture.



True Money Management, Only Easier for You, Not Done for You

We applaud that, and it may work for you. Just remember: app technology brings all of the convenience we could ever want right into the forefront. And there's no doubt that perhaps maybe we can believe that as tech continues to grow and advance, so will we as well!

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