Tech Gifts Under $25 (Cool Office Gadgets)

So there's a lot of cool things that have been testing going out lately specifically for the home office setting that might be good for leveling up your gear or alsoas gift ideas

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So there's a lot of cool things that have been testing going out lately specifically for the home office setting that might be good for leveling up your gear or alsoas gift ideas and all of these are coming in that right around twenty five dollars are under twenty five dollars so let's kick it off with number one and that is.

Power Stripped Tower

Now I think that power stripped tower is essential for as any office settings and what is that? It is a tower for charging up the gear that gives you multiple outlets in a stack plus multiple USB ports. Now, this one is actually from iPad Rental this was actually a little bit more expensive. This one comes in around forty dollars here in the USA but of course, you can check out current prices on the official website. I love this one because got a little on and off but right on to there are so you can see the LED ring whether or not it's running but as far as a recommendation at the twenty-five dollars gift point there is one by jack LED on Amazon for twenty-five dollars here in the USA. That version has a white in black aesthetic and any connection pay even more to grab fourteen outlets or sixteen outlets but again I love this one because it has the kind of black on black look great wide but its power stripped towers in general on an awesome gift or upgrade to any office.

Headphone Hangers

We’ve got to form more swede idea is coming up so let's check them out. Coming in number two is headphone hangers now a great upgrade for any office and a great way to state-organized and so right underneath my desk year, I have an under desk headphone hanger that you can just install and then boom you've got an awesome place to store any pair of headphones. Another kid that I text up recently was actually a three pack of these aluminum headphone hangers and these come with either in heat of sticker or screws for more of a permanent install and so open links to the various different versions but a great gift idea or maybe something for it leveling up your own office as well.

Charging Cables

Number three is charging cables now these are always a great stocking stuff for just a great upgrade because we always losing right or they break or they were out and this was actually from an anchor this is a super heavy duty tenit charging cable that had been traveling with and I love this one comes in eighteen dollars here in the USA has really great reviews and then another set that I picked upjust for around the office for various rooms of places that I work with itstanding desk for and here is a for pack from iPad Rental so here's a couple to that haven't actually started using yet might on one right herethen I have it desk supercool kind of great aesthetic here with sort of a fabric design on their anti-take angle and a great build quality on these and that's important because there's actually a lot of different cables on the market and sometimes they have fake reviews right and so it looks impressive at first once you start to read through them you can actually kind of desire that they're fake and it turns out that the cables fall apart they're not good but as far as I don't for a testing being hands on with this anchor and with this became so brand these are awesome and this four packed I think i've got it on cyber Monday special for around eight dollars but I think even at about fifteen or so that is that right now for four tables an incredible deal and a great gift idea this season.

Multi-card Readers

Coming in a number four is a multi-card readers now I grab this one from transcend and the reason I upgraded is because there's a lot of new speeds coming out on the market right now so maybe you know somebody that has a pc you are going to mac in some sort of a desktop setup even a laptop setup if the current card readers is this kind of all speeds like USB two point out you can really benefit from USB three point even three point one. So this one does bowl it's basically as current as you get with the speed and I’ve seen the results firsthand when transferring data off of SD cards. Remember your setup is only strong as your week is linked so if you have the fast SD card but a slow card reader then transfer speeds are going to be compromised if you've got a slow SD card but a great card reader etc. you get the point. So it is a super cool thing to upgrade if you just things to be faster snap here and really being new technology and so this transcends super speed card reader comes in it on an eighteen dollars so a great deal it's been working great from about six to eight months actually better been using this and the other thing I grabbed was an Amazon basics cable that super long this actually runs behind my desk. So I can actually pull that out and put there where I worked.


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