Stuck with conversions: Know how to convert 20 Degrees F to C

Clueless about how to convert the temperature in Celcius to Fahrenheit, read on to get the formulas on your fingertips and convert 20 degree F to C in just a few seconds.

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We measure temperature in various units but the most common are Fahrenheit and Celsius. Let’s get to know a bit more about these temperature units and their conversions like 20 degrees F to C.

What Is Fahrenheit And Who Discovered It

Fahrenheit is a temperature measurement unit used to measure temperature which uses the degree Fahrenheit (°F).

The credit of inventing the Fahrenheit scale goes to the renowned German physicist Daniel Gabriel Fahrenheit who invented it in 1724. The invention of this standard thermometric scale was his most significant achievement in this field. He made a revolutionary statement in one of his articles on the boiling points of different liquids, in which he reported that 212 degrees was the boiling temperature of the water on his thermometric scale which was several degrees higher than the standard boiling point of water.

After Fahrenheit’s death, the Fahrenheit thermometers were graduated with the boiling point of water (set at 212°) as the upper fixed point. This also brought a change in how the body temperature was measured as the normal body temperature became 98.6° and not Fahrenheit’s 96°.


What Is Celsius And Who Discovered It

Celsius, also known as centigrade, is the standard unit of measurement of temperature. °CI is the symbol of Celcius.

Centigrade is defined as divided into 100 degrees. The credit of inventing the Celsius scale goes to the Swedish Astronomer Anders Celsius. The Celcius scale has 100 degrees that span from the freezing point (0 C) to boiling point (100 C) of pure water at the sea level air pressure. international conference on weights and measures adopted the term "Celsius" in 1948 The freezing point for the seawater is different from the normal water because it contains salt and it gets reduced to below 0 °C.

Fahrenheit table

Absolute Zero Temperature : -459.67 °F (-273.15 °C)

Freezing/melting point of water: 32.0 °F ( 0 °C)

Room Temperature: 69.8 °F ( 21 °C)

Average Body Temperature: 98.6 °F (37 °C)

Boiling Point Of Water: 212.0 °F (100 °C)

How to convert Celsius to Fahrenheit

There are two standard formulas to change the temperature in degrees Fahrenheit to degrees Celcius. Try converting 20  degrees F to C by using these formulas

T(°F) = T(°C) × 9/5 + 32

T(°F) = T(°C) × 1.8 + 32

Where temperature in Celcius is T(°C)

And the temperature in Fahrenheit is T(°F).


Celsius to Fahrenheit conversion table

Celsius (°C)                       Fahrenheit (°F)

-50 °C                                    -58.0 °F

-40 °C                                     -40.0 °F

-30 °C                                      -22.0 °F

-20 °C                                       -4.0 °F

-10 °C                                      14.0 °F

-9 °C                                       15.8 °F

-8 °C                                       17.6 °F

-7 °C                                      19.4 °F

-6 °C                                      21.2 °F

-5 °C                                       23.0 °F

-4 °C                                      24.8 °F

-3 °C                                      26.6 °F

-2 °C                                     28.4 °F

-1 °C                                     30.2 °F

0 °C                                       32.0 °F

1 °C                                       33.8 °F

2 °C                                      35.6 °F

3 °C                                     37.4 °F

4 °C                                     39.2 °F

5 °C                                     41.0 °F

6 °C                                     42.8 °F

7 °C                                     44.6 °F    

8 °C                                    46.4 °F 

9 °C                                     48.2 °F

10 °C                                  50.0 °F

20 °C                                  68.0 °F

30 °C                                   86.0 °F

40 °C                                  104.0 °F

50 °C                                  122.0 °F

60 °C                                  140.0 °F

70 °C                                  158.0 °F

80 °C                                  176.0 °F

90 °C                                   194.0 °F

100 °C                                 212.0 °F

200 °C                                 392.0 °F

300 °C                                 572.0 °F

400 °C                                  752.0 °F

500 °C                                  932.0 °F

600 °C                                  1112.0 °F

700 °C                                  1292.0 °F

800 °C                                    1472.0 °F

900 °C                                    1652.0 °F

1000 °C                                1832.0 °F


Fahrenheit to Rankine conversion

0 degrees Fahrenheit = 459.67 degrees Rankine (0 °F = 459.67 °R)

The formula:

T(°R) = T(°F) + 459.67

Fahrenheit to Kelvin conversion

T(K) = (T(°F) + 459.67)× 5/9

Now that you know the standard formulas for conversions, it will be easy for you to convert the temperature in various units into Fahrenheit and converting 20 degrees F to C will be a piece of cake for you. 

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