Streetwear Fashion: From Skates To The Ramps Of Paris

Read on to know about the top 5 fashion brands that rule the world of streetwear fashion.

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It was long ago when street fashion was limited to teenagers skating freely on the roads and to those who never liked to follow normal social norms. Street Style Fashion has not only found acceptance by every person who loves to mix style and comfort on a daily basis but has also made its way to the top fashion runways including those in Paris. This fashion revolution of sneakers and hoodie has given fashion a new twist where comfort and convenience come before anything but without compromising the style factor. In fact, many brands made it big by launching themselves as Street Style fashion brands. Let’s take a look at the 5 most favorite streetwear brands.





The credit of setting the sneakers and hoodies as fashion and style clothing goes to Nike. All the sneakerheads around the world swear by the swoosh logo. Nike, which was first limited to gym and workout gear has now evolved as a full-fledged streetwear brand. Association of Nike with Off-White and Patta has given some of the best street style fashion to those who passionately follow this trend. Going by its popularity Nike will surely continue to rule the field for many more years.



Quite like Nike, Adidas was also not into street-style fashion in the beginning. The icon of the three-stripe sneaker was known as the top sports label. But today this German sportswear brand is famous as one of the top street style brands and has come up with many celebrity collaborations to amuse its customers and successfully managed to excite its buyers with its street style line for the last three decades.

 Streetwear Fashion: From Skates To The Ramps Of Paris


Stussy, the original streetwear label, entered into the world of fashion as a small graphic tee brand in the 80s. The tees brand managed to create quite a buzz. Shawn Stussy, the brand owner, then went ahead from tees to surf and skate apparel to expand his brand. Today Stüssy is a streetwear empire that rules the hearts with its innovative designs.

 Streetwear Fashion: From Skates To The Ramps Of Paris


HUF, the brand that is solely devoted to streetwear culture and fashion launched itself in the 90s and has slowly but steadily evolved itself as one of the topmost streetwear brands. Following a stint with Stussy, New York native, Keith Hufnagel, the founder of HUF, launched his label in San Francisco after a short association with Stussy and in no time the brand became a one-stop-shop of not only skate and surf apparells but every other accessory needed at the bay. It is no doubt one of the most iconic streetwear labels in the world

 Streetwear Fashion: From Skates To The Ramps Of Paris


New York’s Supreme is an integral part of streetwear fashion history. The brand that has collaborated with the giant fashion brands like Rolex and Louis Vuitton, Supreme brought the street style fashion in luxury fashion. Fash packs and ballers around the world can be seen flaunting this most iconic American streetwear fashion label of all time. It keeps its followers engaged and gives them the options and reasons to update their wardrobe by bringing a limited range of new items weekly.


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