Still Need More Funds After Availing A Home Loan?

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Though getting a competitive home loan interest rate can reduce your EMI amount, repaying a home loan still takes a chunk out of your income. In such a scenario, you may be looking for additional financing for a variety of personal and professional needs. However, an unsecured loan may prove to be too expensive and a using credit cards may not give you a large window for affordable repayment. One of the best options is to avail a top-up loan on your home loan.

A top-up loan is not only easy to apply for, but also comes at an affordable rate of interest. Lenders will offer you a low interest high value top up on your Home Loan or Home Loan Balance Transfer so that you can meet your fund needs with ease. There is no restriction on how you can use this amount. You could use it to fund a wedding in the family, meet the education costs for your children, or buy a number of assets for your business.

However, when you apply for a top up loan to avail funds, your lender will keep a watch on certain factors to ensure that you can repay the loan along with your other EMI commitments. So, read on to know how you can secure more funds as a top-up loan on your home loan.

Work on your History with Repayment

Lenders look at your history with servicing loan amounts before granting you a top-up loan on your home loan transfer or home loan. Your credit score reflects your history with credit and lenders are willing to give you more money if you exhibit a healthy relationship with credit and do not have any large financial commitments in the present.

In case your existing lender is unwilling to offer you a top-up loan you can transfer your home loan with another lender who offers an array of benefits along with a substantial top-up loan sanction to make the most of your home loan.

Improve your Income

Over a period of time, there is bound to be a rise in your income as your career grows. This increase in your earnings gives you a better opportunity to get a higher top-up loan as lenders can count on you to be able to repay the new EMIs without defaulting.

Have a Valuable Property

It is highly likely that the value of your property appreciates over time owing to which lenders will be willing to offer you a hefty top-up loan. This is because the increased value of your property acts as secure collateral for your lender as all top-up loans are secured loans offered against your home.

Simply remember that you should not be using this additional loan amount for speculative purposes such as investing in the stock market, but rather put it towards any direct expense. Thus, buying a property in a prime location will prove fruitful especially if you intend on securing additional funds.

What are the Criteria to Get a Top Up Loan?

You must be a salaried or self-employed individual with minimum 3 years of work experience. If you are a working professional, in order to apply for a top-up loan, you must be a resident of India and between 23 to 62 years old.

How to Use a Top Up Loan

With a top-up loan in hand you can use fund an array of expenses such as:

  1. Pay for a wedding in the family
  2. Pay your child’s education expenses
  3. Travel the world with your spouse
  4. Buy machinery or equipment for your business
  5. Fund a business expansion
  6. Set up a new office or factory
  7. Buy land or a warehouse for your existing business
  8. Fund medical emergencies
  9. Invest in another property

Securing large amounts as a top-up loan on your home loan has never been easier. So, check your pre-approved loan offer today and avail a customised top-up loan deal from lenders.


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