SpellCheckPlus – The Good, Bad, and Ugly | 2019 Review

SpellCheckPlus is an Internet grammar and punctuation checker intended for students, professionals, and marketers that are using English as their second language. But do you really want to use it when compared to Grammarly??? This question is answered here.

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More about this tool, before we review it

The spell checker and grammar investigation instrument is called both instructor - and - student-friendly and goals to assist users in identifying mistakes in their own writing, learn from their errors, and write much better in English. Because of this, I call it a teaching instrument that ensures that users can comprehend clearly, why they're committing grammar and punctuation mistakes as well as what they will need to do in order to rectify such errors. Personally, as a professional blogger myself, it is essential to fix my language errors, since every mistake identified in my content by my readers is a negative review of my work.

Even the free version of the application, nevertheless, comes with a text span limitation, enabling students to publish text for assessing with no more than 2000 characters at one time. To have the ability to apply this particular text length limitation, they could buy SpellCheckPlus Pro, the paid version of this tool that provides more advanced capabilities. Using its own paid version, customers will have the ability to get a thorough overview of mistakes; and they're also able to answer some crunches.

Here are a few reasons for using SpellCheckPlus

As it detects errors, also, it gives simple and clear explanations. Thus, the tool helps users understand why they are committing these mistakes, and it offers users an opportunity to choose how they could fix them. If it detects an error in the text, then it allows the users manually set it, making them interact with opinions. After checking for errors in a document, the application summarizes and arranges these errors into categories such as agreement, word choice, word form, punctuation, and spelling.

As a result of this, users can quickly identify their errors, and work on them. Its human nature to remember your mistakes only if you correct them. This must have been at the back of the mind of Dr. Terry Nadasdi & Dr. Stéfan Sinclair(founders of SpellCheckPlus) while preparing this tool. Furthermore, they'll be able to generate a distinction between grammar mistakes and spelling errors. Additionally, SpellCheckPlus doesn't overwhelm users with excessive mistakes. For instance, when a phrase has two mistakes, it lets users fix one mistake first before it highlights the other failure in words. This way, they can improve their grammar and writing through process-based learning, a teaching strategy wherein students learn how to fix difficulties or issues step by step.

Coming to the pro version of SpellCheckPlus it has a feature which lets users see any text that they filed previously. With this attribute, they can review the books in which they made mistakes and monitor their progress as they utilize the tool to improve their writing skills.

This tool is also an internet grammar and punctuation checker built exclusively for non-native English speakers or second language students. Thus, the tool can inspect the errors committed by users that are using English as their second language. This includes commonly confused words (e.g., there, there; also, to; affect; effect), grammar errors, punctuation and capitalization, apostrophe issues, and more.

Here are a few reasons for not liking this tool

Both the premium and free variations are somewhat traditional in a sense SpellCheckPlus isn’t an internet tool you can use across the internet to look at your punctuation and spelling on various networks. If you use SEMRush or Grammarly, you could use their browser plugins to check your language you post on Facebook, Gmail, or any other network. You cannot integrate this with MS word or any other software tool. The only way you can use this tool is by copy and paste your work to a text box onto its website.

Once I copied and pasted text to the app it eliminated few spaces between the interval and the initial letter of these sentence in addition to involving some words that it then attempted to indicate as erroneous. This is because SpellCheckPlus could not maintain the formatting out of evaluation documents the application appeared to capture a lot more mistakes that were at the first work finally the free variant caught only 10 valid mistakes in contrast to Grammarly’s 20 at the precisely identical record and did not see an essential gap in the standard of opinions.

I have not tried the pro version; since the only two things it provides is checking unlimited characters, zero advertisements, and tracking changes in the document. One thing I noticed that might be a turn off for this tool. It identifies all the mistakes that are insightful for an Anglophones and allows them to edit them manually, rather than correcting it automatically; which happens in Grammarly. For professional bloggers, who write 10,000+ words a day might get frustrated with this feature.

Let's look at Grammarly Vs. SpellCheckPlus


Even before we look at the features of each tool, let talk about price. Grammarly costs $15 per person per month; while SpellCheckPlus costs $15 per year for a single login. From a price point, SpellCheckPlus is any day better for your pocket, especially if you are a new English learner or a student.

Plagiarism is one feature that is missing in SpellCheckPlus. Not sure why the promoters did not add this critical feature. In today digital world, if you want your article to rank in Google, or Bing you need to write different words. Even if you write quotations, it is still important to maintain 85% unique content. Which means too many quotes can land your content in trouble.

Grammar, writing styles, and punctuations are taken care in both the softwares. Grammarly has more plug and plays features like you can add it to your Microsoft Word, or Google docs, or any text editor.

Conclusion: Should you use SpellCheckPlus?

After using the tools for two days, I can say its safe to use the premium version. It does not cost much, and it helps you keep your language in check. If you are a blogger with no time for self-learning, then you should not blog or use expensive tools like Grammary. At the end of the day money talks, so SpellCheckPlus pro rocks. Coming to customer service, both the promoters are prompt when it comes to responding to customers. What more can you expect for $15 a year? Do not hesitate, try this tool now.

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