Social Media – The Powerful Tool for Retailers

Social Media – The Powerful Tool for Retailers

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The more popular social media have become, the more important it is to find a good answer to the question: how can social media be effectively be used to promote products and increase sales? Most large and small companies keep their profiles on the most popular social media platforms, but not many of them engage in something more than the “classic advertising”. Social media provide you with opportunities beyond the simple sharing of the news. It is time to learn from the best and apply social media strategies, which can dramatically increase your company revenue.

Classic Advertising

Since the very beginning of the social media boom the e-commerce companies have been using the social platforms for showcasing their new products and special deals. The idea is very simple: convince customers to follow your social media profile and post news about your products and deals before you go public with it, giving your fans a feeling of belonging to an exclusive group, which benefits from following your company online.

But the more popular are the social media platforms, the more difficult it is to convey the message, fighting for the attention of customers, who are following at least several brands at the same time and ignore most of the advertising posts. Social media advertising is still used in its classic form and often brings positive results; however, the trends are shifting to more active engagement of the customers and their friends.

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Engaging customers

One of the most common techniques used to encourage customers to take more active approach is to provide them with social media apps and games, which not only present the products, but also give the customers some kind of a challenge and award them for completing the task.

How to do it right? For example: you can create a game, which needs to be completed in order to receive special coupon codes that can be used before the official sales start. You can also award your customers with more coupon codes if they invite their friends to follow your profile.

Social media apps bring direct and long-term results: increased sales as a result of the promotional activity and growing fan base that will follow your profile long after the promotion is over.

Reaching out to friends

To best use social media to promote the products, the retailers have to understand the main purpose of social media: the idea that people can stay connected at all times and share all kinds of contents with their group of friends. Companies such as eBay understand that more subtle forms of social media promotion can also bring financial gains. eBay has recently introduced a shopping tool, which allows customers to easily share an image of the product they like with their social media friends, asking for their opinions.

This tool allows consumers to shop in a similar way they would do it in a real life, consulting the purchase with their friends to get an independent opinion from someone they trust. It is one of the examples of how social media can be used to increase online sales, but the possibilities are almost endless for those, who approach social media in a creative way.

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