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Some of the fanciest smoothies you've ever seen. Guaranteed.

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Have you ever come across an Instagram account that makes you swoon? I did the other day and it wasn’t exactly the kind of Instagram account that normally has me swooning. No, this was an Instagram account focused on (*drumroll*) smoothies. Yes, you heard me right: smoothies.

When looking for an image to match some copy I was writing, I came across a really funky image of two smoothies. I decided to investigate further and found that they came from an Instagram account named Created by a 17 year old teenager. This stopped me in my tracks, because the images on the account are truly mind blowing. They have a very specific style and love it or loathe it, the images are incredibly professional.

So, let me share with you the bliss of these smoothies, smoothie bowls, frozen desserts and so forth. All vegan too. You can make wicked colors for smoothies by combining all natural ingredients. Looks just as fancy as fake food coloring. Just check out the video below!

Yes, that mermaid's tail is made with 100% natural ingredients! However, note that spirulina needs to be sourced correctly, as some batches have been found to contain heavy metals and other harmful ingredients, due to where the spirulina was harvested. Spirulina itself is often viewed as a superfood though, due to its high content of nutrients.





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