Six Things That You Should Not Do While Bathing Newborn

Whilst a long, refreshing bath after a tiring and stressful day is equivalent to a heaven for you, it’s a complete opposite for your little one.

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Understanding a newborn takes time. Many parents believe that bathing a newborn baby is a big challenge. In fact, everything seems to be complicated at first, but overcoming insecurities is the first step to successfully carry out the task of first-time parents. Bathing can become a fun by adding some game with splashy water or some bathing toys. Mothercare Pakistan has all the collection to make your baby's bath time a fun time.

In that sense, to avoid common mistakes you should know the things you should never do when bathing the baby:

  1. Always Check Water’s Temperature

Do not control the water temperature. Do not forget to measure the temperature of the water, since it could be either very cold or very hot. We must remember that the baby's skin is much more sensitive to changes in temperature. The correct temperature of the water to bathe it is between 36.5 and 37 ° C.

2. Never Leave Your Kid Alone

To begin with, never, but never stop monitoring your baby. If the phone rings or someone knocks on your door while you're at bath time, ignore them. Although using a bathtub or a newborn seat may seem safe, the reality is that serious accidents occur in seconds.

3. Use Proper Position

An inappropriate baby's position. Placing the baby in improper positions inside the bathtub, causing it to slip, is another of the most common mistakes. You should also avoid getting soap in your eyes. You should always watch your neck and head.

4. Never Overfill the Bathtub

Never fill the bathtub with too much water, even if it is with the intention of keeping your baby warm. And also, a large amount of liquid can make it difficult to hold your little one well. If you have one and a half or two centimeters of water in the tub it will be enough.

5. Avoid using too Much Soap

Avoid using large amounts of soap and shampoo, as the sensitive skin of the baby is not too dry. Remember that you should always use products recommended by specialists and that must be certified especially for newborns.

6. Hold the Baby Carefully

Do not hold the baby firmly while bathing. You must hold the baby firmly, or it can easily slip off. In addition, in this way you provide security.

Buy kids Bathroom kits and enjoy hassle-free online kids shopping in Pakistan. There is no doubt that bathing your newborn will be, at every moment, a great experience. Just make sure it's a happy and enjoyable time for both of you by avoiding these common mistakes.

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