Silicon Valley Summit Raises 3 Big Questions About Artificial Intelligence

This may be the cornerstone of history to determine whether or not machines will bury us or serve us!

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Okay, not really, but it's a bit fun to think so. Remember the movie The Matrix? Yep. We're at that stage where we're marveling at our own magnificence as we officially give birth to AI. A singular consciousness. However, without a doubt, there are dissenters, questioning the safety and security of artificial intelligence and how the technology continues to innovate on multiple levels and verticals.

For Starters, Do You Like the Idea of Robots "Taking Over"?


It depends, honestly. On the surface, though, the three questions raised in the most recent Silicon Valley summit on the topic of artificial intelligence certainly turned some heads and made people think.... "Hmmmmm, is the technology really necessary?" Here's a good look at what key thought leaders questioned and then discussed.

What About Pharma?

This is an industry seriously benefiting from AI at the moment. But at what cost? People saw the imbalance here as companies wanted to focus more on acceleration versus the investment in making sure drugs are safe and non-discriminatory. That's something a machine can't necessarily do too well. At least at this point in time!

What About Automated Lip Reading?

Yikes. On the surface, that does sound a little scary. The ethics and morals played a heavy role in discussion with AI implementation as governments can easily spy on people more than they do now. Think of the Eagle Eye that is the government conspiracy. We're all "micro-chipped." We're being "watched." That's the fear. Automated lip reading steps that fear up a notch, undoubtedly.

However, It Gets Even Worse With Facial Recognition

How dangerous would it sound if authorities could not only have access to your data at any given time, but also the ways to access more of your data as you go along through something as simple as facial recognition? Pretty scary. We're already in a world tainted with indignation over the threat against data privacy. The idea that a machine can practically model our own face as a way to give us access to the most vital pieces of information in business and personal makes for a great window of opportunity for criminals. That's just a fact we can't ignore.

Don't Get Us Wrong, Though: It's Not a Dead-On Argument Against AI By Any Stretch


The summit, for sure, is simply being very careful about what we do with our technology. And rightly so. We've seen Jurassic Park. We know what could happen if we're irresponsible with an innovation never meant to be naturally integrated or assimilated into our cultures. It would be considered the rape of the natural world. We're doing our due diligence and ensuring AI isn't going to be that Tyrannosaurus Rex of our nightmares.

Baby steps all the way. We don't have to rush AI at all. One thing's for sure: when it does hit mainstream hard, it's going to be beautiful. What do you think about AI? SIGN UP FOR A VIGYAA ACCOUNT RIGHT NOW and be sure to CHECK WITH THE DATA DRIVEN INVESTOR FOR MORE INSIGHTS INTO TECHNOLOGY!

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