Samsung Galaxy S10 plus Review | Specs, Price, and more

Samsung has been on a roller coaster ride ever since it launched its first Galaxy phone. There has been no turning back since. Yet, the latest Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus is so much different and so much better than any of the phones; which are presently available in the market. Marking a new phone generation in the Samsung arsenal, the phone has a 6.4-inch widescreen. Now if that doesn't make you drool, then its triple lens rear camera probably surely will. This camera can take ultra-wide photos. Can you believe it? With features from the previous generations, the phone just might become the best phone at the given price considering the rival products. But let's go over this Samsung Galaxy S10 plus Review to decide for sure.

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When did it launch?

To be launched on the 8th of March, this Samsung phone is all set to replace the previous generations of smartphones and instead, be a part of a trio of new smartphones.

How is it different from the older version of it?

This new Samsung smartphone is so much bigger than the Galaxy S10 and so many times faster than the Galaxy S10. In fact, it is a much better version of that phone.

The phone has a larger screen display – 6.4 inches, so it does feel a little awkward when being used with a single hand. With enough practice, a certain individual can enjoy the grip but not sure if this statement makes sense. It carries 4, 1000mAh along with a vapour chamber cooling system. So even if your phone has been engaged in extensive gaming, it won’t overheat. And since it doesn’t overheat, it should be able to deliver better performance than the previous versions and for a longer time.

Not only that but unlike the previous versions, there is no iris scanner. Instead, it now has an ultrasonic fingerprint sensor, at the front of the phone. Gone is the time when you had to look for your fingerprint sensor at the back. What more? it is almost entirely invisible! It also supports Wireless PowerShare feature, meaning you can charge another device from this phone (provided it is Qi compatible).

It has not one but two front cameras, allowing you to take better portrait pictures and selfies. Not only that but the triple lens camera at the back takes normal, telephoto and the new kind of ultra-wide photos as well. The idea is to capture as much as one can in one moment for it to last a lifetime. And if you are someone who watches movies on your phone, then know this: this phone is the first phone with the HDR10+ support for superior contrast and color.

The specs of the phone.

What makes this phone so much better than its older counterparts is the way in which the company has improved upon it.

Weight: 175 g

OS: Android 9

Dimensions: 156.7 x 74.1 x 7.8 mm

Screen Size: 6.4-inch

Resolution: QHD+


CPU: Octa-core chipset

Storage: 128GB/512GB/1TB

Battery: 4, 1000mAh

Rear Camera: 16MP + 12MP + 12MP

Front Camera: 10MP + 8MP

It also contains Samsung's traditional elegantly curved edges, allowing for the pixels to settle in over the sides. It also features attributes like enhanced brightness for better visibility outdoors. And the new screen reduces the blue light exposure by 42 percent. Considering how blue light can be harmful to the person using it and how it can also affect sleep in a lot many ways, we assume that it is a plus point that we cannot ignore.

The phone has an aluminum frame, which is thinner than Samsung S9 Plus that arrived last year. And just like all the Galaxy phones, this one also has a 3.5mm headphone jack that is available at its bottom, along with a USB-C port.

The bezels that have been around the screen since the past have shrunk. In fact, they look pretty thin, thanks to the Infinity O display.

Probable competition

Huawei Mate 20 Pro is known for its reversible charging, just like Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus, but of course, those phones aren't readily available everywhere. Not only that but it has a 3D scanner for fingerprint, allowing for more safety than Huawei mate 20 and even OnePlus 6T. This scanner has FIDO (First Identity Online) Alliance Biometric Component Certification, allowing for a top-notch safety measure as you can ever get.

Similarly, while LG has produced cell phones that have a dual front-facing camera, just like this one as well as ultra full cameras, it is known that Samsung's phones are much better at clicking pictures.

Price of the device

Even though the phone is compelling, it's the price is at an all-time high for an S-series phone. In fact, it is along the lines of what one would pay for the stylus-included phones (without the stylus).

The price starts at $999 USD, and yes, it is much expensive than the previous version, it is still worth it.

Verdict: Should you buy when compared to iPhones, pixel, and others?

Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus can be comparable to iPhone XS when it comes to the price, but it is still a much better deal. At the same price, the iPhone XS has half the storage, no slot for a microSD card, and a screen as small as 5.8 inches. While Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus has storage of 128 GB, along with a microSD card slot available. It has an exceptionally good design and builds, top of the line specs, a versatile camera and a hole punch camera in it.

The only reason why you should not buy this phone even after reading this Samsung Galaxy S10 plus Review is if you are concerned about the price. And like we said, it is a tad bit high, but it is still so much better than the other competition it has in terms of price and features. Better safety, a cooling chamber, and a much better and improved phone.


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