Rustic Modern Decor: Keep It Simple Yet Stylish

Are you also a sucker of the classic rustic interiors where modern meets the classic styles of decor?

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The elegance of the modern rustic trend needs an eye for detail and love for the classic and preserved architectural elements. Open floor plans, modern furniture, natural fabrics and lots of use of wood and stone are some basic elements of modern rustic house decor. The idea behind modern rustic design and decor is to experience comfortable and modern living to the maximum.

Rustic Modern Decor: Keep It Simple Yet Stylish

Lots Of Use Of Wood and Stone:

This is the prime feature of a modern rustic home as both stone and wood bring nature in the interiors of the house. If you want to go rustic then you should preserve the old character and few old architectural details like an old stone wall or hanging wooden beam of your house while renovating it. Reclaimed wood, stone fireplace, and cathedral wood-covered ceilings are excellent ideas to keep your house rustic and modern.

Rustic Modern Decor: Keep It Simple Yet Stylish

Use Natural Fabrics And Upholstery:

Fabrics and upholstery decide and describe a lot about your taste in home decor and design. The golden rule to keep it modern and rustic is to use the natural fabrics for upholstery, linens, and rugs. Use simple and plain fabrics without a print will keep your furniture neutral and natural. Apart from linen, you can use jute, sisal, and hides to add to the natural appeal of your house

Rustic Modern Decor: Keep It Simple Yet Stylish

Big windows And Lots Of Light:

One of the decisive components of modern rustic house decor is big windows. The modern house should be open to exterior views and full of natural light.

Rustic Modern Decor: Keep It Simple Yet Stylish

Furniture And Amenities: Keep them Modern:

After keeping the stone walls, raw wood, natural fabrics, and large windows to keep the rustic elements alive it is now time to concentrate on the modern element. We should keep the furniture pieces modern! Modern kitchens and leather adorned furniture with clean and sleek lines are an apt choice for this kind of decor.

Play with Natural Shades and Colors:

Paint your walls in natural and subdued hues like white or beige to keep if you want to keep your interiors rustic and modern interior.

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