Rubbish Collection Day and What It Can Tell You About L

One thing I've learned is that rubbish (or trash) collection day is different in Hollywood to what it is in Cape Town.

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Thursdays were rubbish (trash, that is) collection day in Hollywood. In the hills, everyone would put their bins out and the streets were, if unsafe before, now lethal. Narrow, winding roads. Fast sports cars. A blinding sun. Absolutely not safe. Driving up Kirkwood, I always prayed to whatever gods may be...and put a lot of faith in my driving skills. 

A few years later I was walking around in the hills I lived in, in Cape Town. Every Monday it was the same: various people out walking the streets, going through the bins. One of them always brought two dogs with that were walking around freely and causing havoc with other dogs. I wasn't scared of driving into the bins there, or of the people looting them, but I was scared of potential dogfights. 

Now, this post is not about my fear of drivers in the Hollywood Hills, or dogfights in South Africa. No, it's just a simple reminder of how different life can be in two different places. Both had sun-drenched hills. But in one people wouldn't think to loot the trash bins, in the other, looting them was a necessity.  

The point of this story is that one man’s garbage is another man’s treasure. Treasure what you have. And if you’re out driving on a Thursday in the Hollywood Hills, for God’s sake slow down. 

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