Rock It Like 70s

Don’t know what to wear for the &0s theme based party? Read on to get some help.

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The 70s was the decade of crazy fashion. If you have got an invitation to attend a 70s theme-based party and relive the era of disco and hippies then you surely will have many options to choose from.

All About Sequins: 

If you think you can carry the bling of the 70s then you should definitely opt for the gold and silver sequins outfit, a sequined shirt and bell-bottom pants with gold or silver-framed sunglasses.

High heels or boots, disco ball earrings will complete the look for the girls. To up the oomph get some white feather boa accessories, an oversized Afro wig, a pair of platform shoes and a large, medallion necklace.

Follow ‘Charlie’s Angels’ And Win Hearts:

Team up with your gang of girls and dress up as ‘Charlie’s Angels’, the girls who ruled the 70s.

One of you should wear the halter top, the second one can go for a dress with an empire waist while the third angel will rock the show in a shirt with bellbottom sleeves.

Dress Up As Princess Leia Of 1977 Film ‘Star Wars’

The iconic character of the ‘Star Wars’ franchise, Princess Leia was talked about her style as much as for her strong character. All you will need is a white, long, flowing, high-necked gown with long sleeves. Tie your hair in sleek twin buns on either side of your head to complete the look. Don’t forget to carry a lightsaber!

Some Other 70s styles:

A thin headband across the forehead

Midriff-bearing halter top, and a pair of

skin-tight, bell bottoms, bell-bottom pants with a squared hem

Platform shoes.

Bushy mustache

A patterned, button-down shirt with a wide collar

Choose the one you want to flaunt and win accolades and hearts.


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