Rewarding Opportunity for Writers

Let’s see how writing for Vigyaa can be Profitable and Immensely Rewarding for Writers

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About Vigyaa

Vigyaa is an open platform for mesmerizing, inspiring, bright, compelling, unusual and somewhat crazy thoughts and ideas. Anyone can submit a story without incurring any cost. It’s a platform set up to promote thought leaders, or those wishing to become thought leaders.

In any article you submit, you can get a link back to your business and other websites. Self-promotion, on Vigyaa, isn’t seen as blasphemous, but smart, and it should be relevant. Your link should lead readers to your site because they’re so in awe of the thoughts you presented in the article.

Having “soft” launched in November 2018 (about six weeks ago as we’re writing this), we’ve already started to see incredible content and steadily growing traffic; reaching 20K views per week. We expect that number to more or less double week by week.

In other words, publishing content on Vigyaa that links back to your site is clever SEO. Writing an article so good it ends up on our front page, is great marketing.

Introductory offer for Writers

1. Publishing an article is free.

2. Article with a nominal fee of $5 will include.

- A share on social media handles

- $5 worth promotional value.

3. If you further want to promote your article on Vigyaa. We will add the same amount that you want to spend on the promotion campaign.

For example, if you put $20 for promotion we add the same amount i.e. $20 more in the promotion. So, in that case, the total promotional value will become $40.

4. This promotion will be managed by our experts giving the best CPC to you. The reports of the promotional campaign will also be shared with you.

5. This is an introductory and limited period offer. Interested can please mail us on


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