Review: AirPods Pro - Created To Perfection

It was in 2017 when Apple brought the revolution of wireless earbuds. After two years, Apple is back with AirPodsPro.

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Nothing is permanent in the world of technology. Tech giants compete with each other to offer the best quality to customers and Apple has always led the world of technology .

The revamped product AirPods Pro is flying off the shelf. Let’s get to know about its special features.


$ 249 (Pay $29 extra and get AppleCare+ for your headphones which comes with two years of warranty support


Weight: 0.19 ounces each

Measurement: 1.2 x 0.9 x 0.9 inches.

Pros: Sweat- and water-resistant,. Smarter faster due to H1 chip,

Summon Siri by calling its name.

Read messages, answer calls hands free, can share audio with friends by quickly tapping their phones together


Almost perfect but that design still needs improvement, charging case is wider and heavier than past AirPod cases


The first thing that comes to mind after seeing AirPod Pro is ‘Couldn't they design it better?” For example, the head of the headphone is larger than the previous model. Out of the three mic vents, two of them sit here while one is set up at the top of the stem that hides another microphone. The chic slim glossy chrome circle at its bottom and the silicone ear tip towards the end of the bud are two new additions.

The shorter stem has a small notch cut into them.

The AirPods Pro comes with three silicon air ear tips. The Ear Tip Fit test in the AirPods tab in the bluetooth section of your iOS setting menu will help you to know your perfect size. The test will start a song in your ear and the interior microphone will notice how the sound is playing in your ear canal. You will get a green Good Seal notification if it is a perfect fit or you will get a notification to try another one.

Above all, Apple's H1 chip made pairing the AirPods Pro to an iDevice very smooth and swift.

In the iOS Settings menu, you can change the long press from toggling between ANC/Transparency mode to either ANC/Off or Transparency/Off. Or, you can just use it.

Siri At Your Service:

Armed with H1 chip, AirPods Pro has made the use of hands while using headphones a thing of the past. Siri will follow your voice while you can keep your hands busy for other better reasons. That means Siri can control the earbuds, other phone applications and functions like making calls and reading the messages just by hearing you saying "Hey Siri."

The Best Part: Noise Cancellation

With the wireless AirPods Pro Apple too has joined ANC block. In a quiet room you can only hear a small buzzing which internal microphone is creating to cancel the external sounds. But it will disappoint you in a noisy room as the pair of earbuds won’t be able to deliver silence in such scenario without music on. However you will still feel that the sound is coming from some distant corner. You will need to pump up the music volume though.

Transparency Mode

For those who love to live in the moment moments and not ANC, Apple has introduced Transparency Mode. Just long-press any of the Force Sensors or activate through iPhone controls, Transparency mode will allow you to keep track of your surroundings while you are running and listening to your favorite music.

Good audio quality

AirPods Pro are not the best when it comes to audio quality but it still manages to deliver clean and balanced audio that is enjoyable and loud

Long Battery Life

AirPods Pro comes with a battery life of 4.5 hours, which is pretty good. The Pro’s case helps you to charge your earbuds wirelessly if you don’t have the lightning cable at your reach. Above all the charging case now gives a battery life of an hour.

Going by its incredible features, Apple’s AirPods Pro is one of the best and the perfect wireless earbuds in today’s scenario.


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