What Does A Red Aura Around a Person Mean?

The most powerful of all the colors, red aura epitomizes passion, energy, and strength and is connected to physical and emotional strength.

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Red aura is the color of passion and related to cultures and continents. Red is known as the most physical of auras and it naturally loves physical activities like sports, exercise and is very passionate in intimate relationships or others. Red aura possesses an almost primitive nature, responding best to all the things that can be touched, heard and seen. In everything they do, they give their all.

What Is The Spiritual meaning of Red Aura:

To understand the meaning of this aura, first, you have to understand the spiritual significance of the color and its varying shades. The red color is the color of the first chakra, and it is dominating. It is also known as the base chakra, that is connected to the coccyx- the last bone in your spinal cord.

It is connected to physical and emotional strength, which can manifest in many different ways. So, to know how it is manifested in your life, you have to check the shade first. Red energy begins from a place of ego and passion, but that passion can be a display of love or hate, and the ego may be healthy or overconfident. Red shows that you are deeply connected to physical reality and feel the emotions quickly by living in the moment. Red also says that you develop a strong sense of self and the energy may be positive or negative depending on the spectrum.

What Is Red Aura Color Meaning & Personality

The passion of this aura people can be felt and fueled in different ways; they can expect very different things. Let us first understand this aura and learn how you can focus the energy that you are blessed with to achieve life goals.

Red Aura is often classified into 4 main shades. Though all the four red aura shades have different characteristics they also share a number of the overall points. The four categories of this aura are red aura, murky red aura, bright red aura, and pure red. The interesting fact is the darker red shades will have a more negative personality while the lighter shades will have a more positive and spiritual personality.

Red Aura: The Powerhouse Of Energy And Passion


What Is  Murky Red Aura 

Murky red is slightly different from a dark red aura. Murky red appears dark but it is slightly different from dark red. It is surrounded by darkness, and this darkness is reflected in the personality and energy levels of the individuals with this shade. However, negativity is not their natural state and they have positive personality traits just like the other shades of the red aura but they get suppressed inside the cocoon of negative energy. This tussle between the negative and positive troubles the murky red aura personalities a lot.

Those with murky red aura are reachable and they love to spend some quiet time with nature. This brings peace to their confused personalities. If you have a murky red aura then you must find ways to channelize or release your negative energy as much as possible. Nature can come to your rescue in this. Swimming in natural water bodies like lakes or rivers will fulfill you with natural and positive energy.

What Is Dark Red Aura

Dark red aura is dominated by a dark mental, emotional, and spiritual state. However, this is because of the past trauma and not the individual’s fault, because of which the individual cannot get away from the negative energy and finds himself incapable of letting it go. These individuals are collecting the negative energy for an extended time and therefore the worst part is that they find it hard to note their angry, selfish, hostile, and violent behaviors themselves. 

These individuals will have very few friends and they don’t like to involve with others much. These individuals mostly remain stressed and it's a requirement for them to seek out a let loose for his or her stress and other negative traits. Just like the above-discussed personalities should also explore nature to get some relief and comfort. They prefer to remain indoors and disconnected from others.

What Does A Red Aura Around a Person Mean?


What Is Bright Red Aura

Bright reds can also appear to be pinkish sometimes depending on the white mixed in them. This is the most positive shade of this aura. These individuals will have very positive personalities. Quite opposite to the other two red aura shades, these individuals are very outgoing and are always ready to spread joy, happiness, and laughter wherever they go or whosoever they meet. They are stress-resistant and can handle even the most critical crisis in an incredible manner. These people are compassionate, empathetic, and sensitive. They won’t usually have a large friend group but they are loved by most of the people.

They believe in simple things like giving presents or small celebrations or just bringing smiles on other people’s faces and goodness of life. They are spiritual and will be keen to follow some spiritual practices such as meditation, religion or astronomy.

What Does A Red Aura Around a Person Mean?



What Is Pure Red Aura

The pure red aura is intense and full of energy, as a result, the people with this aura color will be incredibly energetic and outgoing. They aspire to gain popularity but should not be misunderstood as egoists. They are natural suckers of positive emotions. They wish to entertain people and can organize grand celebrations and parties with large groups of individuals. They are also great motivators, trainers and supporters. 

They are very determined and friendly. However, this very tendency or got to entertain and befriend people can become taxing. Their over-energetic and enthusiastic persona can intimidate their friends and that they may get disinterested in attending the regular parties. Individuals with this shade of red aura should indulge in spiritual pursuits to bring balance in their energy levels.

What Does A Red Aura Around a Person Mean?


What Are The Personality Traits Of Red Auras

This aura shine with courage and their hopes often drive them to great success in the workplace. They are not dependent on others due to a lack of dependence on others, and hence they come up as a leader or individual.

This aura is dominating clearly, and that can be highly rewarding when appropriately directed. Explosions of anger is a significant problem with this aura. Those who manifest a red aura should be careful of fun thoughts of revenge or jealousy as it may lead to the desire for negative actions.

How Are Love And Relationships For Red Auras

Reds truly excel in areas like Passion, love, and sex. With the main drive, people with red auras enter into new special relationships at a slow pace because it is often hard for them to differentiate lust from love. Failure in intimate and non-intimate relationships may result in hurt feelings and hard to maneuver on. Friendships or particularly best friendships with red are powerful and almost inseparable compared to others.

First things first, in order to be able to spend quality time with people with a red aura, you will need to be super healthy and needless to say, in great physical shape. Individuals with red aura are lovers of strenuous and robust activities. They have a thing for and prefer to be with partners who have strength, stamina, and vitality. There are the traditional, hardworking, take-action, or salt-of-the-earth Reds, as well as the zesty, hot-blooded, physically passionate lovers. It is said that the strong-willed individuals with red aura are the happiest with partners who are highly physical, independent, trustworthy, and self-sufficient, with a strong sense of self-worth.

Some of the “take action” strong individuals with red aura are celebrity names that we all love, Madonna, Lady Gaga, Russell Crowe, and Sean Penn.

The reds truly excel in the areas of love, sex, and passion. Their adventurous personality combined with an intense need for physicality can push intimacy and exploration to new heights. Lust and desire are powerful driving factors, and a red’s partner will often find their mate’s passion never cools. With the all-consuming drive, those with red auras should enter new intimate relationships at a slow pace as it can be hard to differentiate lust from love. Failure to confirm underlying desires can result in hurt feelings.

Friendships with reds, particularly best friendships, are powerful and near inseparable. Be aware of streaks of jealousy or envy and avoid letting things simmer till breaking point. Red aura individuals thrive on giving and receiving direct communication, as such being forced to guess at feelings or notice subtle mood indicators can prove to be difficult. When ended suddenly, both intimate and non-intimate relationships can be crippling.

Life with a red aura is bound to be an exciting and rewarding experience if you possess the freedom to enjoy it. Finding balance can be hard as life pulls you from one adventure to the next but it is a good skill to master. While a red’s dominating, sure-of-self personality can be overwhelming for some, it complements others and does not need to be negative. Keep the focus on those important to you, and life will never cease being an adventure.

The raw strength exhibited by reds means that what you see is what you get. They beam with courage and their ambitions often propel them to great success in the workplace. Due to a lack of dependence on others, reds naturally excel as leaders as well as alone. The red aura is one of clear dominance that can be highly rewarding when directed properly.

With enough love and commitment, of course, any color can create a happy relationship with any other color. Some of the colors may just experience more challenges with each other than others.

Success For People With Red Aura Color

As mentioned earlier, the red aura color is associated with the color of your blood, and your physical body, therefore it is practically your life force. The color also signifies the condition your heart is in, both in the literal and symbolic sense. The red energy that emanates from your red aura is all about a healthy ego, and a positive sense of well-being. The color is also considered symbolic of ego and passion.

Individuals with red aura are grounded and centered and remain connected to physical reality. They live in the moment. These are the kind of people who are sensitive and feels things intensely. They often have the ability to think deeper, and know themselves better.

The color is all about action, it is the most physical of the auras and values activity, physicality, whether through exercise, travel, or sports.

Although this color has the lowest frequency, it is the densest on the spectrum of aura colors. It has the ability to attract or repel, because the color can be positive or negative, and can create friction.

Individuals with red aura often have materialistic thoughts, and it is not ordinary because everyone has materialistic desires.

As a person with a red aura, you often have materialistic thoughts. It’s nothing out of the ordinary because everyone desires material things. They are a very good motivator, and they can give you a very rewarding feeling when you achieve them.

Some may feel that people with red aura are obsessed with money and all things materialistic, but the older one gets, it will automatically come as a realization that money is something that will make all your dreams, plans and ideas a reality.

And, it is not negative to think in that manner, because having money is everyone’s concern. But, well what can be worrisome is that people with red aura almost always think of money, because for them they equate it with security and stability.

Individuals with red aura are go-getters, they are the doers and make excellent leaders. They don’t depend on other people to manage their job and succeed at their job wherever they are employed, or their own venture.

They are not merely dreamers, they are doers. They can achieve anything, yes anything if they put their soul and focus on it. They are known to harness their personal energies well. They are willing to work hard, and also make necessary sacrifices. Taking no for an answer is not something they like, they are always guided by their vision, and have a strategy for pretty much everything. They succeed and have a never say die attitude, and never give up. 

Life with this aura turns to be an exciting and rewarding experience if you maintain the liberty to enjoy it.

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