Reading and Understanding Quran

Reading and understanding Quran is integral part of every Muslim’s faith.

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A Muslim cannot be a complete believer until he/she know what message ALLAH has given in the holy Quran. The Quran is in Arabic language and non-Arab Muslims first need to learn the pronunciation of Arabic language in order to recite the verses of Quran in correct manner.

Muslim parents who live in Muslim majority countries have little to worry when it comes to Quran learning for their kids as Islamic principles and values are followed by nearly every person around them. There are mosques found in nearly every neighborhood where kids can go to learn Quran recitation and also parents can select a Quran tutor who can come to the house to teach kids. Muslim parents living in non-Muslim majority countries have little options when it comes to Quran learning as number of mosques are less and Quran teachers are not easily available. Online technology however has given an affordable and unique solution as now kids can learn proper Quran recitation with Tajweed through online methods such as Skype.

 The online and digital platform has given way to interactive learning not only for the kids but even adults of the family. Now with just help of a laptop, internet connection and headphones, people can learn Quran online from the comfort of their homes and with flexible times which suit them the best.

The Quran tutors are quite learned and qualified to deliver proper lessons which includes variety of courses from learning Arabic language, recitation of Quran with Tajweed rules, translation and memorization of Quran. There are also female Quran teachers present for those parents who want a female tutor to teach their daughters. The biggest advantage of online Quran leaning is that there is one on one interaction between the tutor and the kid where mistakes are corrected immediately and kid gets ample time to understand the lesson. The length of the lesson is based on the age and learning ability of the kid. 

Another aspect is that the parents can also monitor the progress of their kid and even first take trial online classes to evaluate the tutors. The main focus of tutors is make the kids recite the Quran using Tajweed rules which is giving every letter of the Arabic word its right and pronounce it from the right place of the nose, throat and mouth. The students are asked to follow the way tutor pronounces each word present in the verses of the Quran. Online Quran courses also includes classes on Quran memorization, Quran translation and Islamic history.

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