Why should I Decide To Not To Have Children:

Aren't you sure about having children? Here is the detailed overview of the pros & cons of having children in your marital life!

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Raising a Child Is a Costly Business: In today’s times when everything is so costly having a child is not very pocket-friendly. All of us have our dreams to live life the way want to lead it. We may have hobbies and wishes to fulfill and we can’t do that without money. As individuals, we all want to enjoy autonomy, spontaneity, freedom and the ability to travel, to buy things and luxuries for ourselves. But when we become parents, the child becomes our priority and we end up sacrificing our dreams and wishes to fulfill his needs.

Let's have look at the reasons not to have kids.

Why should I Decide To Not To Have Children:

Having Children Is Not Good For Your Relationships:

A child is a huge responsibility. You will need a lot of time, care and patience to nurture and grow him as an individual. That means you will get a lesser time and maybe left drained from the energies to invest in your relationship with your partner. This doesn’t mean that people who don’t have children always have perfect relationships or better relationships.

You should Not Have Them If You Don’t Want Them:

If it is you who have to bear the responsibilities and the expenses of the child than it should definitely be your own decision whether to have them or not. Having children just because society wants it from you is not good for you or for the kids. If you don’t like the idea of having kids then you should feel free not to have them. Don't you think these are good reasons not to have kids?

Child-Free People Lead Happier Life:

It may surprise you but it is a fact that childfree people often lead a more free and happier life than the parents. Therefore we should accept these people who don’t want to have children. Parenthood is a huge responsibility and not everyone may want to bear it. It is best fulfilled when it’s one chooses for it. Child-free people lead a fulfilled and happier life and that is true in every sense. They enjoy many aspects of life which parents don’t get to experience.

The Fear Of Being Left In Old Age Is Too Overrated:

Most of the couples decide to have kids because of the fear of being left alone in the old age which is too overrated. Just look at modern society, how many of you are actually living with your parents to take care of them. It is not only selfish but foolish too bear children and go through all the hard work, sacrificing your dreams and your hard-earned money in raising your kids by assuming that children will take care of you in your old age. Why not enjoy your present instead!

Being child-free does not mean that they don't like kids

Among many other reasons not to have kids, career tops the list. The majority of the child-free people like children but having their own child is not on their priority list. They choose careers over this responsibility citing the reason that their career requires full involvement You can see these millennials working as teachers, social workers, pediatricians and making a difference in children's life. They still remain engaged with kids without having their own children. 

Child-free people hardly have any regrets

Childfree people live a more free life than those bearing the responsibilities of children. People often worry about them and suggest they have their own kids.  But you should not have them if you don't want them simply because parenthood should be chosen by your own will and not by following any suggestion or tradition blindly. Parenting is a demanding job and if you don't find yourself suitable for it then its perfectly ok to not try your hands at it. 

What do you think about can be the other reasons not to have kids?

Child-free people are mostly content and happy

We can't do it all in one life. You should choose between what you want to and what society or your family demands from you. No doubt, childfree people may miss out on the joy of bringing a child into this world and enjoying living the sweet little moments every day with the child. But then, the same thing applies to the parents as well as they miss out on some really good aspects of the lives that child-free people get to enjoy. We can’t do it all — it’s impossible to have every life experience. 

Remember a child-free family is also a complete family.


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