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QuickBooks can be defined as an accounting software package that is mainly used for small and medium-sized businesses and offer accounting applications and also used for the cloud version.

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Quickbooks is an accounting solution specifically designed for small businesses and freelancers as it simplifies the most complex accounting processes. The QuickBooks Enterprise 2018 version is full of the most advanced features. This the reason why it is getting more and more famous these days.

Due to the extensive usage of QuickBooks, the software sometimes shows up errors. None of the errors is worrisome and can be resolved within a few minutes.

This blog is all about acquainting users with several ways in which they can deal with QuickBooks error code 20. However, if you get stuck with any of these errors and need immediate support, you can get QuickBooks customer service by hiring ProAdvisors.

QuickBooks error code 20 occurs when the user decides to upgrade their operating system to Windows 10 or 8.

Due to this error user does not able to print or send invoices and payslips which leads to further inconvenience for the business owners.

Causes of QuickBooks error code 20

Generally, this error code occurs when the key is not updated.

The computer might be busy with multiple versions of Quickbooks with the same directories.

When your QuickBooks is not compatible with your operating system.

Unsupported printers either way.

Not updated Quickbooks.

How to fix QuickBooks error code 20(printers not activated)

STEP-1: Registry Backup and Restore Point

Backup Windows Registry.

Open the registry editor to add manual changes to it.

Open the file menu and export the registry and save it.

Create a restore point to revoke the changes made in the Registry if required.

Wait until the system restores point creation process ends and click OK when completed.

STEP-2: Configure User Permissions

Hit Window and type regedit in the search bar.

Right-Click on regedit and select run as administrator.

Double-click the HKEY_CURRENT_CONFIG folder in the left pan.

Right-click on the Software folder in the pan and selection Permissions option from the menu.

On the new window pops up, assign “Full Control” to the “Users” if it is not enabled and click OK.

STEP-3: Configure Print Spooler Service

Press Windows + R at the same time and type MSC in the run box that appears.

Right-Click on the print spooler service from the services list and select “Properties”.

Stop the print spooler service.

From Startup Type dropdown, select Automatic.

Now Click Start the service again.

Try to print something or save a PDF, this should resolve “QuickBooks Printer not activated Error Code 20”

STEP-4: Repair QuickBooks PDF component QBprint.qbp file

Open your Windows Control Panel and go to Programs and Features

Select QuickBooks from the list of the program.

And tap change and start the repair process and follow the instruction until it finished.

Restart the computer after the QuickBooks Repair process finishes.

Try to print something or save a PDF, this should resolve QuickBooks Error Code 20 and you must be able to print now.

STEP-5: Updating Windows and Reinstall QuickBooks from the Scratch

Open your Windows control panel and go to programs and features

Note down your QuickBooks License and product number before you uninstall QuickBooks

Uninstall the QuickBooks program by selecting QuickBooks from the list of installed programs and select uninstall from the top.

Follow the instructions till QuickBooks Uninstall

Download and install the Windows updates and restart the computer.

Insert the installation CD or you can open the QuickBooks Installation folder to start.

Follow the installation instructions to install QuickBooks.

Since QuickBooks Reinstallation does resolve a lot of QuickBooks Errors, you must be able to print now.

STEP-6: Troubleshooting the Microsoft Document Writer – for Windows Component

Microsoft Document Writer is a preinstalled Windows component that helps print to file. It enables Windows to help QuickBooks application to save information in PDF. If this component is missing or disabled, you won’t be able to print from QuickBooks on Windows 10 and Encounter QuickBooks Printer not activated Error Code 20 as an outcome.

Right-click on QuickBooks Icon on your desktop and select Open File Location option from the menu.

Go to the Temp folder and look for the folder that represents the version of your QuickBooks.

Open the Third Party Folder

and then Locate by double-clicking exe file and let the installation complete.

Open QuickBooks once to register the license.

In case of issues installing ABS PDF driver or it stops responding, try installing again.

Once the installation completes try printing again to verify QuickBooks Error Code 20 if fixed.

We hope these steps will definitely help you get rid of the issue that you are facing but if you are still not able to resolve QuickBooks Error code 20, you must contact Wizxpert certified QuickBooks pro-advisors. A team of experts is available day-in and day-out to provide relevant and reliable solutions for all kinds of QuickBooks related issues.

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