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“This business model is very rare & most successful in the industry”

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It is evident in the industry that people have either specialized skills or services in advertising or in just media production. But when I researched if there are any production houses who are also an advertising agency, I was shocked to see that this particular business model is most successful combination of skill set in the media business.

98% of the time advertising agencies hire media production agency to execute their idea. Which means companies like TOYOTA and Nike don’t go to production houses, they hire advertising agency.

There are core differences of how advertising agency and production houses operate and function in very different ways from each other. Advertising agency focuses on communication strategy which their client want to see. But production houses are more like "Execution Factory" of intangible ideas into more or less tangible ones. Production houses go into painstaking details of each frame and feel of each scene. The production team’s main objective is to create a communication message in form of advertisement , short film, campaign or even documentary to meet the “brief” of client which in this case is advertising agency will be guiding to the production house.

The collaboration between advertising agency and production house is always stronger than ever, and this chain goes to the client who is the actual decision maker and investor. Here you can see there is gap between client and production house, which increases bottlenecks and time hangovers. 

So now you have seen how the actual work is done by production houses, not the advertising agency.

And this also clarifies what an opportunity the company has if it is both advertising agency and media production house.

We call it the unique proposition in this day and time, because it is still a strong USP for us and for anyone who practices it as their business model.

Now we at Plum: are very much aware of the fact that how fortunate we are by having diverse and inter-linked skill sets and business propositions.

We have the strongest collaboration with the end client, there are almost no gaps of communication and also we deliver on time by exceeding expectations.

Our most prestigious clients list is available on our website and also if you check out our portfolio you will also get a full 360 degree idea of how we are at the very pinnacle of entrepreneurial edge.

Our understanding of brands and their businesses let us capitalize the dreams of clients when it comes to advertising or even branding. Our research team makes sure that we are in line with our client, and our creative team always take care of “brand image” & “positive consumer response”.

We at Plum promise Marketing/Branding ROI (Return On Investment) & strive to deliver the high sales or higher profits with our unique strategies. Which include “Online Selling” , “Trade Marketing” or Retail / Wholesale selling strategies. We constantly monitor client’s performance and work hard to improve the profits from last quarter or year.

Plum is unique company with diverse and complex expertises it possesses, you can always find us online on the following places.




Well of course you had fun checking us out on our digital assets, we know we are best when it comes to competitive edge performance.

What you have experienced on our assets is the efficient business model which makes us more reliable than others, and our position in the market can be assessed by clients we have served.

Just to give you an overview we offer following services and More;

  1. Photography (Fashion, Product, Campaign, Story Album, Corporate, Art)

2.  Video (Film, Advert, DVC, Documentary, Music Video)

3. Creative Design, Illustration, Animation (3D / VFX)

4. Digital & Social Media Marketing / E-Commerce Management

5. Marketing Research & Brand Strategy

6. Branding (Logo, Brand guidelines, Personality)

7. Brand Activation (Digital / Physical)

8. Event Management

9. Website Development & SEO Services

Our scope of work for any client can have above operations but not limited to these, we deliver more than this when demand rises and we deliver on time. Just to quote an example we also offer our customers services like OOH (Out Of Home) or outdoor advertising which are often billboards and digital screens.

So now I can tell no one can measure the potential of our business model, because it has so many benefits that no one can replicate the outcomes which are; Accurate, On-Time, Cost Effective and has no communication gaps.

In the end I would like to say that if advertising agency wants to open a media production house it can’t without huge investment and special skill set, and a production house cannot open an advertising agency because it needs lots of technical expertise and business knowledge of Marketing operations and dynamics and Branding practices.

Digital Design
Social Media
Digital Photography
Video Editing
branding strategies
Graphic design

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