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The perfume boxes are used to keep the precious fragrances protected for long. The cellophane wrapping of the boxes enhances their safety and security for the items.

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Perfumes and scents are one of the most commonly used cosmetic items in the world. For thousands of years, they are popular among men and women of all age. A high-quality fragrance packed in a stylish perfume box is considered a luxurious gift item to be presented to the loved ones. This type of packaging is made specially to pack the scents in a way that their bottles remain safe, unharmed, and the fragrance remains the same until the end. All the leading brands use such packaging to make their bottles look more unique, attractive, and stand out among other cosmetic items of the same kind. Such boxes are made of highly durable material that is usually cardboard stock. However, padding of the corrugated stock is also used so that the bottle can resist the shocks and bumps during and after the shipping process. Although other materials such as metal, tin, glass, and rubber are also used for the manufacturing of the packaging products for perfumes, the most reliable, economical, user-friendly, and customizable material is cardboard stock. Its importance can be assessed with the fact that some manufacturers use it as an outer cover of the whole packaging to make sure that the package is delivered safely.


Cellophane wrapping machine, an overview

In the recent past, retail selling of cosmetic items on online stores has increased. At present, a considerable amount of cosmetic items are being sold through the internet, and fragrances are one of those items. The retailers who are used to sell scents through the internet they get the custom perfume boxes for the packaging of the commodity. To ensure that the product that is being packed in the box is of up to the mark quality and it is appropriately packed, the retailers usually pack it by themselves. For this purpose, they use different equipment and wrapping material. But the most common, cost-effective, and quickest of all is the cellophane wrapping machine. This machine is used for the wrapping of different items that includes makeup articles, food items, and other commodities. In other words, it is used to wrap all types of products that are manufactured at home or any production unit.

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How does it work?

This machine uses cellophane to wrap up the items packed in boxes of different shapes and sizes. The wrapping material, cellophane, is a transparent cellulose film that can enhance the strength of the packaging solution, keep the items inside the container safe from dust, moisture, and harmful UV light. Usually, a machine can pack 200-250 packages per minute while some latest models can wrap up 300 packages per minute quickly. This technique is used for the wrapping of the manufactured goods as their primary packaging whereas they can also be used as a secondary packaging solution for the items such as trays, boxes, and other casings of different shapes and sizes. Whether for a single piece or a bulk quantity, this machine is the best and quickest equipment for the packaging because its latest models can pack multiple containers at the same time.


Another advantage of this machine is that it always leaves a torn thread at the first end of the box so that the customers can easily open the package and use the product. Most of the times, the customers do not have any pointy thing with them using which they can open the wrapping; this is where the tear thread helps them to open the package quickly.

What are its advantages?

The cellophane wrapping machine has several advantages that make it an ideal choice for those who run their retail business through an online store. Some of the significant benefits are as following;

Size range: The manufacturer or retailer can set the size of the cellophane wrapping. The size range depends upon the size and shape of the package that is to be covered with cellophane.


Easiest cleaning and maintenance: The cleaning and maintenance of this device are so easy that anyone with basic knowledge about the mechanics can do the job. The best thing about support is that is it wholly manual, and you do not need particular types of tools for that. The general tool kit works perfectly.

Durability and sustainability: This device is manufactured with durable material, and its robust design, cam-controlling with digital and special hardened cams, and central lubrication make it the most reliable and sustainable packaging device for the commercial as well as domestic manufacturers.

Wrapping material variation: Being friendly to the change of the packaging material is another advantage of this device. It makes it easier for the manufacturer and retailer to choose the perfect wrapping material for their products according to their requirements. Air-tight package: The wrapping that this device does to the perfume boxes is wholly air-tight, and it ensures that the fragrance remains the same until the package is opened.

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