Parenting Styles: Which Is The Right One

Want to know about the best parenting style? Here are some details to help you.

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How the child grows, what kind of personality, attitude, habits, outlook, and behavior he develops depend on the parenting style of his parents. Broadly speaking there are four types of parenting styles:

Authoritarian: They are the most strict and controlling parents who demand complete obedience from their children but are not very responsive to their psychological and emotional needs. Their word becomes the rule of the house and if a child dares to challenge their decisions then he gets to face the wrath of their anger. Children of such parents grow up as timid individuals with very low self-confidence.

Permissive: Permissive parents are very loving, warm and giving who make it a point not to interfere in their child’s life with parental authority and prefer to act as their friends instead. They are very giving and hardly demand anything from their children. They fear that their interference can affect the natural mental and emotional growth. Permissive parents are lenient and allow self-regulation. Children of such parents will have great self-esteem and social skills. The side effect of this parenting style is that the children will not be able to accept any kind of restriction or authority and may show explosive or destructive behaviors if parents try to regain control.

Uninvolved: This is the worst kind of parenting, where parents totally neglect the child. They neither demand anything from the child nor do they respond to any of his needs. Children raised by uninvolved parents will be a total disaster.

Authoritative Parenting: The Best Parenting Style

An authoritative parenting style is considered as the best parenting style as it combines warmth, love, care, sensitivity, and discipline in life. Parents adopt positive reinforcement and reasoning of behaviors to guide their children and never use threats or punishments to make their children understand a point or submit to their authority.

This parenting style is mostly used by educated and balanced parents it has proven to be the best parenting style.

While all the other three parenting styles lack the most needed balance of demand and response, authoritative parenting maintains this balance by inspiring cooperation by fostering positive feelings and teaching kids the reasons for the rules at the same time. Punishments are never their way of handling the issues nor do they abuse or shame their kid.

They prefer to discuss or strike a conversation with the child whenever he misbehaves or makes mistakes. And when their children make mistakes or misbehave, they talk to them about it. Instead of always telling their kids the shoulds and shouldn't and forcing their views on them, authoritative parents listen to their children’s views and concerns. They then try to understand what must have gone wrong and help their child in understanding the consequences of the wrong behaviors.

Instead of seeking complete compliance like authoritarian parents or just giving them complete freedom like permissive parents, authoritative parents encourage their child to develop self-discipline, maturity, and good behaviors. And they guide their children through their advice and proper emotional support. In other words, authoritative parents practice the perfect balance of demand and response. Children of such parents grow up as very competent individuals with clarity of thoughts and actions.

A child is like the dough of clay, it is up to the parents to mold him in the proper shape and form, and as parents, they should definitely choose the best ways to raise their kids. 


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