Parenting An Adolescent; It Can Be Easy Too!

Follow the guidelines and make parenting an adolescent easier to raise and nurture a new life. Read here for more info!

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Parenting adds value and happiness to adult life. Nothing is more beautiful than bringing a new life into this world and then raising and nurturing a new life. Parenting comes with its sets of challenges as your child has different needs and demands at every stage of life and you will have to change and adapt yourself according to the needs of the hour. That means it is a never-ending job which demands not only your attention but creativity too.

Parenting An Adolescent; It Can Be Easy Too!

Most parents will vouch for the fact that nothing is more demanding than handling an adolescent or a teenager. This is the stage when your obedient child begins to develop his own thoughts and personality and chances of regular conflicts become high.

Here are some dos and don'ts that will make parenting an adolescent much easier for you.

Your child is an individual; respect his privacy:

For most parents, understanding the fact that their child is a different individual with his own personality, views, and likes and dislikes is a very difficult task. Parents always think that whatsoever is associated with their child is actually their business and they have all the rights to intrude. In fact, they don’t think this intrusion as an intrusion, for them this is their right and duty too.

Parents should understand by interfering in everything that happens in their child’s life they are obstructing his healthy growth.

The first step towards good parenting is to change this interfering attitude and grant some privacy to your teenager. And by that, it means that you should not try to dig your nose into his phone calls, e-mails, and his other private stuff. Let your child understand his life and find solutions to his own problems. Start trusting your teenager and assure him that he can come to you for any advice or help whenever he needs it. Be patient and let him ask for till then relax and see your kid growing up.

Read And Educate Yourself About Adolescence:

Read good books about teenagers and the changes and challenges that they face. You yourself have gone through the same stage and know about most of them. Reading will help you to understand mood swings and stubborn attitudes are part of this stage and are actually helping factors of his growth. The conflicts and not agreeing to everything are healthy signs of his developing personality.

Communicate As Much As You Can:

Adolescence is an age of changes when changing hormones shake up everything, whether it the body, the thoughts or the emotions. It is necessary for you as parents to educate your child about these changes and help him to embrace and accept his changing body and emotions without any embarrassment. Start early and talk about topics like menstruation and wet dreams, differences between the bodies, about sex or about childbirth. Your motive should be to arm your child with the right facts before they get it all wrong from somewhere else.

Be Stern For Wrong Habits:

Trying new things and love for adventure is part of teenage. A teenager will give a lot of importance to his looks and clothes and will love to try new clothes, hairstyles and other new trends. You should let them do these things the way they like as these are harmless, but that doesn't mean that you should ignore it if they are indulging in tobacco, drugs or alcohol. You should sternly object to these habits. Be alarmed if you notice the following warning signs.

Sudden weight gain or weight loss

Insomnia or sleeping too much

Dramatic changes in personality

skipping school often

Skipping school and falling grades

talk or even jokes about suicide

signs of substance abuse

run-ins with the law

Changing friends

Know About His Friends:

This is the phase of life when you take a backseat in your child’s life and friends become the most important for him. They influence his thoughts and habits more than anyone else and your child can do anything under peer pressure. Hence it is necessary to know about his friends with whom he hangs out or talks. Communicate with them to keep a check on what is going on in his life and help him in maintaining a healthy peer group.

Every child and parent relationship is different. As a parent, you know yours better than anyone else. Follow the above guide and help your child evolve as an independent and responsible individual. 


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