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In this nuwave cookware reviews, I will discuss the Amazon customer reviews, price point, and other common factors of this NUWAVE Copper model with main features.

Let's start with the details!

Product Specification of NUWAVE Copper 12 Piece Ceramic Cookware:


Main Features and Benefits of NUWAVE Copper 12 Piece Ceramic Cookware:

The NUWAVE 12 piece ceramic cookware set has the just-right selection of the pan sizes. The ceramic surface is non-stick and durable, as well. All the pieces work fine. The glass lids are vented, which makes it simple to keep an eye on the cooking process.

The pans of this set get warm swiftly, and you can cook in an even way. The cleaning up process is quite simple and painless. The lids of the cookware fit fine. Along with the cookware, the handle is safe and sound and doesn't get extremely hot. I am quite a lot pleased with the performance of this cookware set.

The instruction manual of this cookware is associated with in-depth guidelines for ensuring the prolonged existence of the cookware set. I am sure they will last for a long time. I don't even know that the aerosol sprays for cooking will disgrace the non-stick surface of your cookware. Even though I have all the time dangled or piled the pans with material between them for saving from harm the cookware surface, this possibly will be an essential point for most of the people.

Besides, the manual includes vital tips in the washing process and looking after the non-stick surface of the cookware. Another excellent feature of this user manual is covering more than a few recipes in this booklet. Let's have a look at the essential functions of this model.


This model is a brilliant and handy addition to your kitchen. The manufacturer builds the set with forged aluminum that intended for long-term performance and stability.

If you notice appropriately, you will see that the heat distribution process extends in an even way all the way through the total cooking procedure. As a result, you will finish up with just-right cooking that your family unit with love all the time.


You can use this suitable set as an additional stovetop burner. This is just right for pulps, steaming pasta, boiling vegetables, and so on.


Because the NUWAVE Precision Induction Cooktop allows you to set particular temperatures and time your food. The best part is you can turn your back on something knowing the cookware set will get cooked lock, stock, and barrel.


The scariest task of cleaning up is made more straightforward due to the set's DURALON non-stick cooking surface. The company also Includes a USA manufacturer warranty. You are requested not to use any metal tools, never case your pans with no protection.

Then again, the NUWAVE has a great deal better induction plate in the bottom of the cookware pan, and that is more than 30 percent heavier than others model. I put in a sufficient amount of water to cover up the 9.5 inches bottom of the pan and position it on the main, and most picky, burner of the induction. The stove worked excellently - was capable of shifting my pan around the burner hole with no lose getting in touch with the stove.

The water came up to boil like a streak of lightning, about a minute to begin bubble, just two minutes to the steaming middle, within 4-5 minutes the full pan bottom was boiling in an even way. The Lids offered fit every pan. Besides, the sauté pan along with the stockpot lids fit your fry pans as well. The manual user instructions state this cookware is entirely dishwasher safe at below 350 degrees. I am not sure if I am going to danger them in the dishwasher up till now.

You will like this cookware set and look ahead to that set with appropriate care; this model will last for a long time.

Good Cookware set! Excellent value!! Good for induction!!!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

1. Are the cookware lids indeed oven-safe?

Answer: Yes! These lids are oven safe.

2. Is the set dishwasher safe in any way?

Answer: It does not state on the package, nonetheless I've put my set in the dishwasher all the time. No problems at all!

3. Is this set a similar type of finish copper cookware has?

Answer: Quite Close to that, but not the similar.

What we like:

• Not merely do this model looks beautiful, but it works well.

• The user manual also includes quite a few recipes.

• Foods don't stick and easy to clean

• The handles don't get warm.

• Superb space savers in your kitchen!

• Heat quick and cook your food full of flavor.

• The quality is superior to projected for the economical price.

• The product delivery arrived fast and in good shape.

What we don't like:

• You cannot use metal utensils!

• Some reviewers complain about the least ergonomic handles.

• After a few months, the coating started having material stick to it.

• Sometimes the package comes with a manufacturing fault

• The customer care service is not up to the mark

Final Words:

To cut a long story short, I have aimed to bring in a NUWAVE Copper 12 Piece Ceramic Cookware that is planned to provide you hard to believe the experience at the cooking time. If you think about the quality of the cookware set with the other leading sets, you have to empress in any way.

You can comment below this article if you have any queries that are related to NUWAVE copper 12 piece ceramic cookware set review. Our expert will be with you by the proper suggestions that you can pick the exact soft cookware set for you.

Happy Cooking Time!

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