Mobile Health Technology: A Definition And An Explanation

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Mobile health or mHealth is slowly becoming a ubiquitous topic, and almost everyone is beginning to get acquainted with the app. It is understandable as this has helped in the practice and delivery of healthcare services.

Mobile Health

There is substantial potential to holistically adopt mobile health technology as an alternative to other channels of healthcare delivery. Owing to the inadequate resources and infrastructure, the delivery of healthcare services is a challenge. There are multiple financial, behavioural and structural factors which generate a significant need for mobile health services. Also according to recent studies, around 60% of the people now utilise mobile health services and its popularity is yet to grow further.

What is mHealth?

Mobile health can be defined as a general term representing the use of mobile phones and other wireless technological devices in medical care. It helps educate the customers regarding the various preventive healthcare services.

Advantages of mHealth

Mobile health technology improves coordination, diagnostic accuracy and also helps build a bridge of trust. The various mHealth benefits have been discussed below:


1. Improved Point-of-care Coordination

Previously, due to poor communication, ambiguities in product names, and also misunderstandings regarding product use instructions resulted in many medication errors. Use of mobile devices has improved coordination in more than one way.

2. Seamless Flow of Data

The healthcare system network is quite complex. The utilisation of mobile health efficiently can significantly reduce the intrinsic complexities of the situation and help move information more efficiently.

3. Enhances Convenience

It helps healthcare professionals gain access to vital data on-the-go via portable devices. It also allows doctors and patients share data by overcoming obvious physical and logistical barriers.

4. Real-time Communication

It allows doctors to remotely cater to the patient without the requirement of physical communication. Regular communication also builds rapport between the patient and the doctor.

Challenges Faced by mHealth

Although mobile health is widely approved, there are certain challenges which mobile health has been suffering. These challenges have been discussed as follows:

1. Regulatory

Healthcare is one of the most highly regulated industries. Some regulations need to be met for mobile devices to become acceptable tools. For example, the transmission of patient information is protected by HIPAA.

2. Security

Security is one of the main concerns of the healthcare industry. Mobile devices have their own security concerns. Any flaw in the software may result in a breach of security which may lead to anonymous access to personal information apart from several other concerns.

3. IT support

Mobile devices require back-end support. These devices require a strong and also consistent wireless signal to be effective. IT personnel and other staff are required to maintain the network and provide support also.

4. Financial

Financial problems are another reason why some small healthcare companies are unable to adopt mobile health.

There are certain sections which require significant investment to systematically adopt mobile health. However, today may just be the best possible time to invest in mHealth considering the rapid growth in modern healthcare.

This also shows how mobile health technology can help boost profitability for doctors. The business loan for doctors can help the diagnostic centres, hospitals, doctors and healthcare professionals exploit the increasing prevalence of mobile health or mobile medical care among the individuals by enhancing their reach and their reputation.


The potential benefits of mobile health presently are more than the negatives. According to recent reports regarding the trends in telemedicine, Forbes had estimated that there might be up to 65% of mobile-relative interactions with healthcare services in 2019. This makes it evident that the road ahead will need mHealth and other mobile medical care services more than ever.

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