Mobile Device Protection and Data Management

This article highlights essential best practices for protecting data stored on mobile devices and identify readily available technologies that can be used to implement them.

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In 2018, a vicious DNS-hijacking took place. Here, hackers propagated mobile malware on Android mobile devices. With the modified DNS settings and hacked routers, most users were redirected to the IP addresses of the cybercriminal masterminds. The users were then forced to make downloads of malware disguised in the form of browser updates. This is what ultimately led to the distribution of the Korean banking Trojan, known as, Wroba.

Who Offers Mobile Protection Services?

Various companies offer support and protection plans for the devices that matter to you. Mobile insurance companies work in partnership with trusted mobile retailers and service providers. They provide support and protection for your devices. Cell phone insurance companies protect devices ranging from tablets and phones to netbooks, modems, and mobile hotspots.

Count on Assurant Solutions as an option for your mobile protection requirements. This firm has a sizeable mobile facility. Perhaps your device has a cracked screen, broken feature or you plan to make a backup of your data proactively, do not worry anymore! This company gives a variety of plans across the board – with ready coverage packages for your mobile needs.

  • Device Protection

Typically, a manufacturer’s warranty only covers electrical and mechanical failure for a short time span. Mobile insurance companies lengthen the coverage of the manufacturer’s warranty one year afar. These firms cover devices from sudden events including mechanical malfunction, accidental damage, theft, or loss. These services are entirely outside the warranty period of the manufacturer! Terms and conditions of protection differ depending with the type of plan. Liaise with your respective service provider for proper mobile protection options.

Mobile insurance firms also provide coverage against several threats including accidental drops and spills. Most of the protection plans offered guarantee ID theft protection and data security in case of loss or theft. Different retailers have their terms and conditions. Make the most out of your chosen plan by seizing the benefits attached to it.

  • Data Protection

Your mobile device and tablet are valuable things in your everyday life. However, your data is also crucial! Occasionally, that counts much vital than anything. For that reason, information is equally critical just like the device itself.

Mobile data may include bank accounts, business files, email, contacts, photos and much more. Losing such information may be hard to replace. Keep your data safe by credit monitoring, anti-malware, lock, and wipe services, remote cloud-based data backup and real-time tracking. These methods guarantee maximum protection for your information and the device itself. Most mobile insurance companies provide simple software applications that restore data seamlessly onto your mobile device in case you lose your old device.

  • Technical Support

Get much from your device with the support of mobile protection firms in partnership with related service providers. With the advanced technical support answers, you get self-help options and head up to tackle any issue on your device. Troubleshooting the software is an effective method of tweaking minor effects on a device.

When Does Your Mobile Protection Begin?

The first step in a Mobile Protection Policy is the choice of the required mobile protection plan. Be keen in reviewing the terms and conditions included in your scheme. Some plans offer coverage that begins on the day of acquiring the device. The terms and conditions section of the program has the toll-free number typically for reaching out to the mobile insurance company.

How long does a Coverage last, and What Does it Cover?

Coverage periods are dependent on the manufacturer and the product. Know the terms and conditions included in your product to learn additional information on the policy. Feel free to reach to the service provider by pressing the “Mobile Protection Center” button and completing the contact form.

How Do You Make a Claim?

A claim is made in simple steps. Just use the contact included in the “terms and conditions” section to contact the relevant mobile protection firm. Their customer care team will take you through the process with a friendly approach. Alternatively, you may make an online claim through the mobile retailer’s website. The “Mobile Protection Center” button redirects you to additional information.

How Would You Get a New Copy of the Terms and Conditions?

Press on the contact button “Mobile Protection Center” and complete the contact form. Request the intended reprint of your terms and conditions. You will be contacted to submit some information then you will be able to access the copy.



The list below includes a few practices that are helpful in protecting your mobile device:

  • Encrypt the data in your device
  • Make a backup of your data
  • Store your data in the cloud
  • Use anti-malware protection
  • Install device software updates
  • Use secured home or business wireless networks
  • Never stores passwords on your mobile device
  • Disable media and file sharing if not in application Remember deleting old files from cloud backups
  • Consciously confirm and enable app privacy settings
  • Activate device wiping and remote location.
  • Share passwords keenly
  • Be vigilant on impersonators
  • Ensure making calls in public places that are well illuminated. Be vigilant about the safety of the surroundings before making a call.
  • Make an instant reporting in case of mobile theft.



To sum up, all the security concerns listed in this post are mandatory and not user-specific. The nature of mobile threats keeps increasing rapidly. Therefore, much awareness of the possible drawbacks should be a significant concern. Both battery power saving and automatic protection of valuable data are critical benefits to you. As such, there is no reason for not adopting a mobile protection plan and safe practices when using the device. Malicious people, thieves, and hackers usually are opportunists. They would avoid working on obstacles to target those offering quick means to succeed in their goals. We hope this post is of great help to protect you and your device from such people and step ahead of current mobile threats!


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