Managing Toddlers: The Time-Out Strategy

Does his biting, hitting, yelling, etc. feel annoying, unacceptable and worrying at same time?

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Does this sound similar and happens often that your toddler behaves in an unrestrained way and you are helpless about what to do next?

So here’s a strategy which is very effective way of helping the toddlers and children’s learn the difference between the acceptable and the unacceptable behavior.


This strategy is one which can help you in controlling the misbehavior of your toddler and managing it. Time-out is like taking your kid aside or away from interesting activities and not at all giving any attention for a certain amount of time, if your child is behaving in an unacceptable and unapproved way.

How to make Time-Out effective?

Appropriate Time and Place for Time-Out:

The feasible time for a Time-out is according to the age of the kid, like if the kid is 1 Year old then the time out should be 1 minute. The time-out should go hand in hand with the age of kid. If you think that the time is too less for your stubborn kid, increase it by half the time (2 years old kid will get a time-out of extra 1 minute that in totals 3 minutes). Also note that there isn’t any limitation to number of time-out’s you can use.

Secondly choosing the area for time-out. Always go ahead with an area where you can monitor. You can use a chair, a small room, a stool or whatever works best for you and designate it as- a time-out stool, the quite place and etc. Also make sure the spot you have chosen is kind of boring with no toys or means of entertainment around to stick to the seriousness.

Introducing “The Time-Out spot” for Kids:

When kids are in good mood, introduce them to the spot, and explain them that whenever you misbehave you will going on this spot and need to obey certain rules if needs to calm down. And tell them about what behavior will lead you towards time-out, give few examples like- yelling, hitting, throwing tantrums.

NO Delays:

Once the child behaves in a way which is to be lead towards Time-out space, don’t delay it. Take the action right away to put your kid at the spot. Mostly parents delay it with completion of their own work and then reacting to situation after a span.

Time-Out are more effective if you react to it while the kid is misbehaving or immediately after doing any unappropriated activity otherwise kids might think that parents are full of false threats and will continue to misbehave more and more. Also if followed with quick actions will create a serious mind- set of kid towards Time-Out. Even if you are out somewhere and kid misbehaves, you can revise the time-out spots eg: under a tree, a corner at a mall, etc.

To be followed by “Parents”:

Time-outs are introduced to a misbehaving kids to regain their self-control and get back to normal mode. But parents also have to make sure that you are keeping yourself calm. While giving time-out to kid assure that you do not yell, spank or criticize them. Otherwise they will replicate the same and time-out won’t be an effective step. Avoid giving much explanation while giving time-out. Follow “Calm and Calm it”

Chat with your kid once done with the time-out, ask if he/she understands why they were given a time-out. Allow them to express too and make them reminded and realize that, time-out occurs only when they will break the rules, need to tone things down and misbehave.

This strategy will surely make your kid a better-behaved and disciplined one at home and public places too. Just you need is to put some efforts and you are good to go!!


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