Manage Your Property with Ease by Getting the Right Management Service

After I decided to invest in real estate and bought an apartment building, I searched for property management service in Detroit MI so I could properly proceed with it.

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There were about a hundred apartment in the building. There was a mixture of three-bedroom, two-bedroom and one-bedroom apartments. Some apartments needed some renovations for which I needed the services of a property management contractor in Detroit MI. The contractor inspected the building thoroughly and made notes. He assured me that everything would be taken care of and all the necessary repairs will made as soon as possible.

After the repairs were done, the management service that I had hired advised me to invest some more and furnish a few apartments. They knew that it was my first time investing in real estate, they provided me with full guidance and assistance regarding all the facets of managing the property. I followed their advice and fully furnished some apartments whereas some were left totally empty. Managing a hundred tenants was out of my league because of which I wanted a tenant management company in Detroit MI to take charge. They even helped me set rent for every apartment according to its size and facilities. I was worried initially that I would not be able find tenants for all the apartments in the building, but the tenant management company was able to fill the whole building in matter of days.

The company took care of every little detail when it came to tenancy. All the paperwork was done according to the letter. The lease agreements were signed and kept safe. They not only took responsibility for everything at the initial stage, but also took care of everything later on as well. I had absolutely no tension when it came to the collection of rent. The company responsibly collected rent on time every month and deposited it my bank account after making deduction of their own fee. I was always made aware of all the transactions in full detail which made me rely on the company for total management of the building.

Apart from rent collection, the company also inspected the property from time to time and made any repairs that were required. Any thing that needed changing or fixing, the tenants contacted the company and they took care of everything on time. Not only I was happy, but the tenants were also happy with the proper management of the building as everything was happening without any hassle.

After some time, I bought another apartment building and asked the same company to manage that site as well. I was very satisfied with their services and recommended them to other prospective investors as well. 

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