Man Won 343 Million in Powerball Lottery after Playing the Same Number for Years

The article gives a brief about Robert Bailey’s winning and introduces the reader to Lottoland.

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Give Your Luck a Push!

Have you ever dreamed of a success story of your own? What does it take to achieve your dream - following your convictions or do you subject yourself to the rules and regulations of others? You can be the next big success only if you know what you are doing. Robert Bailey’s story is a reminder that you can win big and all it takes is patience and faith.

A retired government employee won the Powerball jackpot - but what is most amazing about his win is his conviction with the numbers. He has been playing the same numbers for the last 25 years! Yes, the 67-year old Bailey, never lost faith in the numbers he chose for 25 years and the universe bowed down before his faith, helping him win the Powerball jackpot. Many people are bound to give up, feel frustrated or simply change their tactic. But, for Bailey, the belief in his numbers was so strong that for 25-long years, he never once thought of quitting or changing.

The Winning Numbers

Now let’s look at the winning numbers - 8-12-13-19-27.

When questioned on how he chose the numbers, all the 67-year old retired government employee had to say - a family member suggested the numbers!

How Much Did Robert Bailey Win?

The next question that begs to be answered is - how much did this man full of self-belief win? He won the biggest jackpots in New York history, a whopping INR 75 crores! However, another person played the same number and the machine randomly generated it. Robert Bailey had to split his money with her, who was the second winner.

Did you know if you play the Powerball Online on Lottoland, you can protect your numbers at the time of buying the ticket! When you win, you are the sole winner! However, coming back to Bailey and his story.

How Did Robert Bailey React to His Winning?

He had a normal reaction - tossing and turning the whole night, and unable to sleep because of the win. He planned the details on how to spend the money and made a vow to himself that he would not let the money change him as a person. His plan involved taking care of his family, especially the new generation, and help them achieve dreams. Bailey also realized the importance of hiring a financial advisor and lawyer, to ensure he paid his dues to the government and was able to keep himself comfortable for life. However, at the press conference organized for his win, he wore dark sunglasses and refused to divulge any details of his plans. One thing he did confirm was that he plans to continue buying the lottery tickets and try his luck.

Are You Ready To Create Your Own Success Story?

Winning the lottery will not only change your lifestyle but make you a mini-celebrity overnight. But, you need Robert Bailey’s conviction to keep playing till luck shines on you. You do not need to stick to the same numbers, and can instead go with numbers that suit you. If you win, there will be no looking back! 

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