Making Technology a Natural Part of Humanity: the Advent of NLG

What is NLG? Natural Language Generation, that is.

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And to think we were all flooded with the trends of machine learning, AI, blockchain, video games and the Internet of Things as shown in this little piece. That's all tremendous news for technology, for sure -- but we guarantee even the biggest experts didn't see this one coming: it's called natural language generation. Or simply put.... NLG.

Natural Language Generation, or NLG, Is Simply Put a Machine "Writing Your Story." Literally.

By story, of course, we're not talking about writing novels or anything. Rather in this case, the machine is writing a story based on the data you're providing. Before you consider what good that would do anyone, look into the fact that we have numerous businesses out there in the world today doing exactly what they need to do: they're building stories called customer profiles, understanding their wants and needs in a way that's much deeper than analytics can show.


Thanks to augmented analytics, that same data now can present a story that's easily digestible for everyone from the independent marketer to the CEO. We now can understand customers on a more personal level, which makes them much easier to retain them.

Sales analysts already do this. They forecast. They tell stories based on the data, and those stories are simply predictions of what's going to happen. Imagine a computer doing the same thing. Our sales analysts of yesterday may very well be the data specialists of tomorrow. Instead of doing the research on their own as well as coming up with their own stories and presentations for upper management, they'll have the tools necessary to get that research as well as a built-in story for presentation.

The rest is gravy.

The Crazy News Is This Will Apply to Just About Vertical You Can Think Of

So be prepared. Technology trends are running wild all over corporate America, so if you haven't signed on to get the memo, you still have time. We just need your John Hancock. AND GET TO SIGNING UP FOR YOUR FREE VIGYAA ACCOUNT, TOO, WHILE YOU'RE AT IT! You can then write about what you know of technology as much as you want -- for FREE!

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