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Silicon Valley is the hub for entrepreneurs to make their ideas into reality and creates vast employment opportunities. Know more here!

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Silicon Valley is a region in San Francisco, it’s home to a hippie movement – the most open-minded place in the United States with 2000+ Tech Companies. This is a place where pirates challenge all business rules. It is a perfect Habitat for big ideas aimed at changing the world. Here anything you need is just to talk away from you. It is well known for a region full of Start-ups and Global Technologies Companies to get the perfect break.

To be more specific about it – Apple, Google, Netflix, and Facebook are among the most renowned. Most of them are leaders in the industries which also include social media, Softwares and Social sites. You will be amazed to know that, the idea of Silicon Valley began with great frustration. One Professor of Stanford University, Frederick Terman took a step forward towards creating more job opportunities for his students. He motivated two of his students William Hewlett and David Packard to start-up a high-tech company, he even got grand’s for them and started a company named after them which is none other than “Hewlett Packard”.

Make Your Ideas Happen! – Silicon Valley

Startups in Silicon Valley:

Over the years, Silicon Valley has emerged as a startup haven. Apart from homegrown companies like Apple, Google, Intel, even international startups try to gain a place and footprint in the coveted Silicon Valley. Startups in Silicon Valley end up scripting their success story just by the virtue of the fact of where they are established, the ambiance, the supremely talented human resources available, and the entire startup environment. 

The entrepreneurial environment provides the right kind of force and structure to startups to evolve and grow. It is easy to get access to experienced professionals, mentors, and guides to moving forward in one's entrepreneurial venture. 

This is a bit of DNA in this place for people you are audaciously risk-taking, pioneering looking at what the next big thing is. If at a normal place there is like say 1 start-up a month but at Silicon valley its 3 Startups every day. Hundreds of companies apply every year, but they pick only 40 to present on stage and choose out of them the bests to incubate. The important reasons for Silicon Valley’s Success – Urge of Co-operation: Many Founders of different local companies studies together, Graduate together which makes them more into promoting each other, collaborating with each other which leads to becoming more successful. Silicon Valley also has its laws, different policies, it safeguards in aspects of a threat to one’s business- Trade Secrets, business Interest, and the ideas of ownership.

Silicon Valley’s “Cultural Diversity”: In the early years, most of the Start-ups were founded by immigrants without any bias. As long as the talent is getting served, no matter what culture, the community he belongs to, no gender-biased. Surrounded by Top Universities: It is so that many founders of top companies are graduated from Stanford University which is one of the Top – notch. Moreover, the staff member for the companies are provided by the local universities mainly include the California University, San Jose State and the community colleges. Silicon Valley Companies:

The best-known companies were founded in Silicon Valley including Apple, Facebook, and Netflix. Whereas the area has also launched Twitter, Yahoo, Tesla, and eBay. Also, Silicon Valley has strong business support from different companies like HP, Intel, Oracle, Adobe, and many giants. The Top 5 Silicon Valley Tech Start-ups of 2019 “Nurx” They realized there were certain things people wanted to be done and innovated in healthcare rather than researching them wherein Birth Control is certainly one of those. So Nurx is improving women’s access to birth control through an Application for ease. “Shippo” Shippo allows its users to save money and time with cloud-based shipping software. The company set its customers up with easy access to various different shipping providers, instead of requiring firms to implement various systems." “Gladly” Gladly provides business to create a highly-personalized experience for its customers.

Right from Retail and Hospitality to finance and travel. They provide a solution to build better connections with customers. “Biome Makers” Biome makers is a biotech company who owns its specialization in identification and understanding of Micro Biome. They use DNA sequencing technologies and proprietary Intelligent Computing systems who allow users to improve the quality of their products and agricultural production. “ImpactVision” ImpactVision is on an ongoing mission to create a transparent and more secure global food system using "Hyperspectral Technology" which combines a power of Digital Imaging with a chemical Technique “Spectroscopy” In this technique, users can simply take a picture of the food and get to know its unique composition including nutritional content, freshness levels, proteins, fats, moisture levels, sugar, etc.


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