Make it MALLEABLE, not FIXED!!

Success comes with the malleable efforts than a fixed mindset with limited options to apply for. Read here to know more!

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People with the growth mindset believe that intelligence or skill in any felid can be developed through effort. Basically, they believe that anyone can nurture their abilities in anything. Whereas the inverse of the growth mindset is a fixed mindset. People with this mindset believe that intelligence and skills are innate, it’s something that we are born with. We are either born, gifted or not, there is no room for any kind of change.

Make it MALLEABLE, not FIXED!!

To briefly sum up the details, the Individuals who believe in developing their talents by working hard, practicing good strategies, and taking input from others have a growth mindset. They often succeed in achieving more as compared to those with a more fixed mindset. Individuals with a fixed mindset believe that their talents are by birth and are innate gifts of God. Those with a growth mindset tend to worry little about looking smart however they invest more time and energy into learning and polishing their skills. When the organization and companies embrace a growth mindset, they succeed in empowering their employees and they become more committed towards their work and organization. They enjoy far greater organizational support for collaboration, cooperation, and innovation. In contrast, people working at primarily fixed-mindset companies tend to indulge in cheating and deception among employees, so that they can gain an advantage in the talent race.

Basically, they believe intelligence is fixed from their birth. They don’t want to challenge themselves because they believe that talent and intelligence are fixed. They look at failure as clout on who they are as a person. The lack of knowledge is stupidity and failure once means failure always.

You must be thinking why is a growth mindset important? People with the growth mindset are much more resilient which allows them to overcome challenging and difficult situations because they prioritize learning over failure, they are not afraid to take risks. They prioritize growing over stagnation. 

Now you must be wondering how can a growth mindset help you succeed? A person with a growth mindset believes that they are always in a state of self- Growth and transforming and seeking themselves into something more, so they don’t attach they are self- identity to their output. Instead, they focus on the process of flourishing, nurturing and never giving up attitude. We know that things take time, effort, and strategy to achieve but it is often difficult to put that kind of thinking into practice.

So how can you cultivate a growth mindset? The first key to developing a growth mindset is actually to understand that it exists and that it’s possible for the brain to change. The “Yet” Power! The small word “yet” is an indispensable weapon to develop a growth mindset. If you are curious to know why is the "YET"powerful in developing a growth mindset then you must know that lots of time we eliminate ourselves with words like “I can’t” “Can’t do right now” “I am not capable” instead of saying “YET” which gives you an opening, a path, a door to walk through. “I have not tried doing this yet, but sure will definitely give it a shot!!”.

“Yet” allows you to have hope, enthusiasm and to believe that it’s possible because every skill can be improved upon within you and allows you to transform and become something which you are not. It allows you to accept, grow, transform and become who you actually want to be. Make it MALLEABLE, not FIXED!!

To narrate a possibly good example of yet- In a High School in Chicago, students have many subjects to be passed to get graduated. Sometimes it’s not possible for a student to pass all subjects and get through. But to support their mindset in the path of growth instead of disappointment and negativity by displaying the grades as “Fail”, they display it as “Not-Yet”. This gives a student a boost to re-try with enthusiasm instead of feeling demotivated. 

Follow these simple steps always:

Analyze Mistakes

Accept Challenges

Keep and learn abilities to learn new Things

Be inspired by others success

Unchangeable attitude (Don’t give - up on trying to change)

Avoid challenges (Take a stand! Challenge yourself!)

Avoid failure (Accept Failure - You will learn a lot from it)

Give up easily (Never – The Journey is beautiful)

People with a growth mindset are living in greater accordance with reality than people with a fixed mindset. The brain can continue to work until we die. Explore it and make it a growth mindset. 

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