All Love Is Not Lost Yet!

Love is eternal and lasts forever even during tough times. Find the ways to keep your relationship intact to avoid complications!

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Gone are the days when people used to the life partners for a lifetime. We don’t hesitate from leaving each other on the fall of a hat now. No matter how modern or logical it may seem but changing like a pair of pants is not healthy for us on emotional levels.

All Love Is Not Lost Yet!

Leaving someone and by cutting all sort of relationships take a lot of effort and needs inner repair work. I am not trying to say that we should keep stuck in an unhealthy, toxic or abusive relationship, but we should not either join the bandwagon of leaving the relationship when we can actually work through them.

How to save a relationship: 

Who doesn't want a healthy and happy relationship? But, not everyone can achieve perfection. And, to be able to do that one has to work hard. Moreover, it is imperative to realize that no relationship is perfect. Here are a few easy steps to follow:

  • Set boundaries with each other

  • Do something special together
  • Diminish external influences
  • Forgiving each other
  • Communicate, communicate, communicate
  • Re-evaluate the reasons why you are together

Think why You Came Together:

Remember the days when we started hanging out together. You liked the company, you loved those talks, the smiles, and the emotions. Ask yourself: What was the reason you fell in love with this person, so much so that you decided to spend your life with him or her. What were those valuable qualities which attracted you and made you feel amazing? This re-evaluation will remind you of the qualities of your partner and will strengthen your bond.

Communicate Your Thoughts And Feelings:

It is necessary to keep the dialogue open no matter what the situation is. Most of the times it is the lack of communication that poses a serious threat even to the most amazing relationships. But communication should always be in the right manner. Ask relevant questions, share your concerns, be all ears to their response and then offer your opinion. Be op[en to hear their thoughts too, it should never be all about you only.

Try Doing Interesting Things Together:

It is normal to get easy with each other with time. In the beginning, the partners try to sneak time from their busy schedules just to make sure that they get to spend some quality time together. But with time the practical world takes over the emotional world and we tend to get busy with other complexities of life. This distance and lack of excitement become the major reason for dryness and strain in the relationships. To reignite the passion try doing things you used to do in the beginning to bring a smile on your partner’s face. something you've never tried before but they should be done together. Cook together or just sit together on a park bench will remind you of the love that you could not feel all these days.

Indulge In Each Other And Not In Anybody Else:

Mostly, it is the outside world that becomes the reason for the fall of our private relationships. Understand the dynamics of the other relationships that you share to she who is brewing the negativity in your personal life. Cut off from that relationship and keep that person's energy out! Keep your relationship private as possible and never discuss the private details with anyone else. The rule doesn’t imply to toxic or abusive relationships.

Detach From Bitterness:

If you really want to give your relationship a fair chance then you must forgive each other for your past mistakes. You cannot expect positive changes with negativity and bitterness in your heart. Remind yourself that you cannot change the past all you have in your hand is your future and lingering on to the future too. 

 We should never remain in a toxic relationship but otherwise, we must try out our best and put honest efforts to save our relationship. 


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