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Life is a journey of changes, turmoil, and laughter. Not all of the changes are welcomed. Others are cherished more than anything. Moving into a new home in a new city can be overwhelming. A part of it is exciting and a lot of nervousness is a must.

Especially, when you have young kids, the acceptance is rare. After all, it is difficult and nerve wrenching to leave everything you know and move into an entirely new neighborhood. You do not know what to expect. I owe a big thanks to the local movers in Haddonfield NJ for making the change effortless for our family.

We are a family of five and have spent five good years together here in our little house. My husband James had been in search of better job opportunities for a long time. This March he got his hand on an amazing opportunity in a multinational company.

The only confusing thing about it was that we had to move into a new state. It was overwhelming for me to hear. He was thrilled about the new job and I didn’t want to spoil it for him. He said yes and we started to prepare for the move.

The most difficult step was to break the secret to our kids. 12-years-old Amanda and 6-years-old Noah were quite happy in their schools and friends. Then a weekend I decided to break the news to them. I tolled it in a sort of adventure. They were agitated and it was apparent from their eyes.

It took me a whole week to make it more acceptable to them. The joining date was approaching and we had to move within the next month. Packing was the next difficult thing after convincing those guys.

The first thing I did was to find the best local movers. I had heard from a friend about their effortless practices. It was a busy time of the year and I was just on time for the last booking.

I divided the whole house into manageable zones and decluttered it within the first week. During the last two days, we packed the whole house except the essentials. You might think too early but I am a bit too conscious. I hate miss managements at all levels.

Our kids thought it was fun to pack all the belongings. We labeled the boxes and they were drawing all sorts of signs and symptoms on the boxes. We were happy to see them engaged and accepting.

We had booked our tickets for the evening of the day when movers arrived. The staff members secured the storage boxes and helped us move the heavier furniture items.

We were not aware of the packing instructions for domestic appliances. Thankfully the staff of local moving companies in Haddonfield NJ is well trained for that. They had the safest vehicles and responsible drivers. I would definitely say that they successfully cut back on our moving stress. 

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