Let's Celebrate the Internet's 30th Birthday Today (Behind a Firewall)

I'll bring the cake and ice cream.

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For realz. The World Wide Web is indeed 30 years old now. From its inception way back when as it dealt with a schizophrenic lunatic like AOL, the sluggish drug-induced sentiment of a dial-up connection and online porn, to 5G internet speeds and live video streaming, there's no doubt -- the Internet has weaved its way into our hearts and then some, but you wouldn't believe that there's now a cause for concern --

Designers of the Original Product Are Now Saying That the Web Must 'Evolve'


As if it hadn't done that already. We've seen a lot of the progression of this technological advancement making it possible for us to watch as many light saber cat videos as we want, but the fact is Tim Berners-Lee himself -- the man behind the Web -- sees a chance for the system to essentially emerge from 'adolescence' and become something even better. When you look at some of the history behind the Web's accolades, you can see his point -- computer hacking, ID theft, data privacy issues, privatization, presidential elections, regulation, censorship.

The Internet certainly has been the fodder for a lot of controversy. While it's definitely held up in huge ways, the fact is the Web deserves a bit of a makeover. It seems that once the Web has gone through one privacy disaster, another one creeps up and causes havoc. When you think about it, we're dealing with a technology that may turn into a crutch and not the blessing it should be.

The Good News Is Countries Are Standing By the Importance of the Internet Despite Many's Insistence That We Should Take Advantage of It or Harness It in the Name of Evil


Sure we're all distraught over the fact that just about anyone -- even a monkey -- can learn how to create napalm or dynamite just by researching the Internet. But the environment doth not a demon make unless you, yourself, choose to make it as such.

After all, you can take a rolling pin meant for baking a pie and use it bash someone on the head with. Just because it can be used that way, doesn't mean it should be regulated, or fragmented, or capitalized.

As it stands, the United States, the European Union, China and many other countries faced possible fragmentation, but thankfully none of that gets to fruition at all. Who knows how long that will last. Internet balkanization = disaster for many, and while such monsters like Facebook may carry a scary algorithm capable of becoming the Eagle Eye of cyberspace, the fact is the company and many other platforms currently take it seriously and make it a point to back the principle of data privacy and freedom to move about on a browser without fear of being 'watched'.

In General, Though, This Is a Happy Birthday Party We're Having

Think about it: I wouldn't have been able to write this article if it wasn't for the World Wide Web. And you wouldn't have been able to read it.

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