Let Your Wedding Dress Do The Talking

Want to know what your wedding dress tells about your personality? Read on!

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Our clothes are part of our personality. Infect, they can tell a lot about our thoughts and preferences. Would you be surprised to know if I tell you that you can know the personality of the bride by her wedding dress?


The brides who choose A-line dress for their wedding are traditional and like to opt for a conventional style. They prefer to keep everything balanced. Exaggeration is not their cup of tea. They will go for a classic wedding with all the traditional elements in it.


These girls are confident, bold, glamorous and know what they really want. They can win you away with their confidence. They will love to have a perfect wedding with everything planned in detail and placed with perfection whether its the wedding dress or the centerpieces.


The girls who are calm and collected and carry themselves with lots of elegance and effortless class will choose a sheath dress for their wedding. Their wedding will be all about effortless perfection and careful planning and they pull it off with ease.


The style diva in the house chooses pantsuits as her wedding dress. Nothing conventional pleases them and they believe in making and following their own rule and living by what their heart says. You can expect their wedding to be anything but traditional.


The girls who want to wear a tea-length dress for their wedding believe in timeless elegance. They have a strong sense of individuality and believe in leaving their mark in whatever they do.


A modern city girl who looks at everything with a practical angle and likes the idea of choosing a wedding dress which she can wear again and again on other occasions too. Miles away from the pomp and extravagance they will prefer to have a simple, modern and sophisticated urban wedding

Ball Gown

These girls believe in the beauty of love and romance. They love emotions and treasure relationships and like to live the life of romantic novels. They would prefer to have a fairytale wedding.


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