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Meditation serves as a solid foundation for any spiritual practice. It doesn't matter what style of meditation or in what lineage or who your teacher is. Meditation opens us to Universal wisdom by practicing presence and surrender.

When we meditate, we don't strive. We experience each second with attention and acceptance. Our intellect waits outside the door and, for a few minutes, we simply “be.”

If you have sat with the intention of meditating, you have noticed the cascade of thoughts that demand that your attention. These Controller threats convince us that, really, it is not responsible to “sit and be” when there is work to be done, a phone call returned, or plans finalized. Everything we hear from our Controller is true but the underlying motivation for this voice is to avoid vulnerability.

The Controller is the part of us that insists that we avoid our feelings and focus on thinking. The Controller's orientation is external--fitting in with the established order around us. The Controller doesn't want to ackowledge our inner world.

But for those of us who commit to follow a spiritual path, we know that allowing, then appreciating, then trusting our vulnerability is the only way to healing and transformation. It is only by moving deeply inside ourselves that we open to the guidance which is always available to us.

The wisdom at our deepest center always pulls us to heal. When we acknowedge that wisdom and cooperate with Life by saying Yes to our experience, we choose healing and transformation. Practicing partnership with Life is our sacred duty.

I have meditated for decades and have taught meditation to many,many interested folks. I offer guided meditations as a way for folks to learn meditation.

For years I have led guided meditation groups. Recently, I have recorded guided meditations of 15, 30, and 45 minutes. Folks gradually learn what it is to experience the healing power of meditation by listening to and experiencing the recordings.

For folks with no experience, the 15 minute guided meditations introduce them to the experience of practicing presence. My frequent instructions direct the listener to focus on the current second. I have recorded dozens of 15-minute meditations so the listener doesn't memorize the words of any one. The variety keeps the experience fresh. The repetition emphasizes the practice of presence in “this second.”

Meditators with some experience who want structure choose the 30 minute meditations. The silences between prompts are slightly longer. At this level meditators are more self-reliant but still focused by the prompts.

At the 45-minute level meditators establish a daily process with a structure that allows for ample opportunity to practice surrender. When we practice surrender we say Yes to the current second. At the 45-minute level, meditators learn to maintain their focus, to practice presence and surrender, and to monitor their own inner world process.

I expect that this easy-to-use process with the recorded meditations will be accessible to everyone and flexible enough to accommodate differing needs for direction and silence. Practitioners will develop mastery and confidence on their own. They will also learn how to maintain a daily practice with or without the recorded meditations.

I would appreciate your participation in this study. Please access the meditations at www.RuthCherryPhD.com/guided meditations. You can listen to them on your phone or your computer.

Choose a tier (15 or 30 or 45 minutes) for your meditations which is challenging but not discouraging in its level of diffculty. Meditate every day for a month with any meditation from that tier. (New meditations are added to each tier each month.)

Then, please write to me describing your experience and your response to using the recorded meditations. RuthCherryPhD@aol.com

I want to hear from you about how you move from being a non-meditator to being a committed meditator. I also want your reactions to the recorded meditations. I am committed to doing this work. I invite you to participate with me in promoting healing and transformatin for our world.

Ruth Cherry, PhD

805 439 2757

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