Learn to Natural Breathe and the Breathe of Love

Dear friends, breathing is living, so it’s very important how we breathe.

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When we are toddlers, we still breathe naturally with our bellies. That is Natural breathing. In fear, we start to squeeze our stomachs and move from the deep and natural breathing to higher and shallow lungs only breathing.

We start to collect and hoard negative and harmful energy. That energy is standing still, densing and causing many illnesses. Dense negative energy is causing our energy centers, chakras, to stop working properly.

We can change again the fear breath to our natural belly breath with everyday exercise two times half an hour. In one month you will automatically breathe again the natural way. The lower part of the body will be always relaxed, the energy will flow nicely and all chakras will work better.

With awakening we are becoming more and more aware of how wonderful beings we truly are.

Unawakened are searching for love everywhere except where it is. In us. We are all sources of Life and also springs of Love.

Learn to Natural Breathe and the Breathe of Love

Relax, breath deeply through your heart and prolonged breath out. At the end of the out, breath feels in the heart something very nice and sweet. That is your own and true love. That is the Breath of Love.

Breath in and out again. This time you will feel it stronger. Blow up that little spark of love and make it bigger and bigger. Then move your attention from breathing to only love and shine it at will.

You will feel the love in your first breath out. Later you will feel it directly and without the help of breathing. You can send love to anybody you want. Those that can feel it in them they will feel yours, too. Especially when you will be close to them.

These are two of the advanced exercises for the awakening from the Book 1 of Letters to Palkies Messages to my friends on another planet.

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All the best to all.


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