Korea: Key Player in AI Machine Learning Ecosystem

In this article, we will explore how Korea is cracking the code of AI and Machine Learning development

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2Q==According to a recent global survey, USA, Japan, Russia, and China are the leading players in the AI and Machine Learning race. European countries like the UK, Germany, France, Finland and Netherlands are closely inching toward the AI economy. Others in the foray include India, Canada, Mexico, Israel, Australia and Singapore. In this crowded but exciting AI ecosystem, one country has slowly but steadily moved rampant progress in the technology space. Often considered as a leader in Electronics and Smart Home technology, South Korea is raking significant attention from the leaders for its AI Machine Learning development in the recent months.

On a scale of 1 to 50, Korea ranks 35th among all AI developing countries. AI scientists have submitted 28 uniquely designed AI and Machine Learning projects to the international bodies governing and recognizing various AI ML companies and Research labs. The most widely covered topics in these papers include –

- Augmented Reality

- Augmented and Cognitive Learning

- Neural Deep Science

- Voice Search and Mobile Communication

- Marketing Technologies for Media, Entertainment and Graphics

- Computer Vision and Image Recognition

- Internet of Things and Industrial IoT

- Automation and Robotics

While other countries are focusing mostly on engineering side of AI ML technology, Korea continues to focus on the aspect of rebuilding its agriculture, sanitation, healthcare and mobility. Competing closely with the oriental forces in the neighbourhood, Korean economy is steadily adding 20% AI companies every year into its economy.

The only challenge that Korea faces today is their lack of human resources. They are looking to hire outsourced engineers from developing countries. And, that’s where Chinese have made their big monies. Now, it’s time for Indians to eye that sweet spot to build career.

In this powerful economic domain, Korea could be the next best destination for professionals and students from India, who learn Machine Learning Certification. Machine Learning Certification India online provides ample coverage to a wide range of AI topics, that are immediately hiring lakhs of certified AI ML and Python developers.

Here are 5 top most AI ML related projects in Korea that Indians could shoot for in the next 2-3 years.

- Natural Language Translation, Programming and Deep Science

- Robo Surgeons for Surgery, Radio graphy and Gene therapy

- AI Traffic Police and Road Management Systems

- Oceanography and Aquiculture

- Fintech, Legaltech and Crypto

While we continue to talk tons about Cloud, Quantum and 5G Technologies, Korea has a keen eye for AI ML skills. They clearly think that AI ML can rule the next stage of human evolution with technology taking a center place in all our activities. With all global Cloud and AI companies throng to Korea, it’s high time that you take up the challenge and fix your attention towards the new powerhouse in the AI economy.

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