Know The Difference Between Organizational Culture And Organizational Climate

Organizational culture and organizational climate vary with each other in terms of the functionalities of a firm. Check here for more information!

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Know The Difference Between Organizational Culture And Organizational Climate

People often think that organizational climate and organizational culture are the same things and use the terms interchangeably. But they are two different things. Let us try to understand the difference between the two in this article.

Organizational Culture Versus Organizational Climate

Edgar Schein, who is known for his remarkable work in the field of organizational development for many years, describes culture as:

“A pattern of shared basic assumptions learned by a group as it solved its problems of external adaptation and internal integration”.

Organizational climate is the current atmosphere of any organization in which the employees work. It is responsible to produce opportunities and conditions for the employees to perform jobs according to the skills and maintain a reward system which serves a financial and nonfinancial motivator

Evolution Of Organizational Culture and Organizational Climate:

Organizational climate evolves and changes with time depending upon the needs of the to serve both the internal and external environment. On the other hand, organizational culture is a result of a gradual process and it evolves during a period of years and builds goodwill and reputation of the organization. Organizational culture reveals a lot about how a company functions.

Changes Are Easy In Organizational Climate, You Can’t Change Organizational Culture:

Organizational climate changes according to the needs of the internal and external environment and according to the behavior of its employees. Organizational culture, on the other hand, takes years to develop and hence is very difficult to bring any kind of change in it. It’s the members or employees of the organization who have to change their behavior according to organizational culture.

Organizational Culture And Organizational Climate Focus On Different Things:

Organizational climate is responsible for current work practices of the organization which are defined within the values and the rules and regulations of the organization. Having said that, it is actually the organizational culture that defines the norms and values of the organizational culture.

Perspective Of Organizational Culture And Organizational Climate:

Organizational climate reflects what and how an employee feels about where he works whereas organizational culture defines how the organization is perceived by those who work or collaborate with the organization.

In other words, the culture of an organization defines the quality of the services it provides and its goodwill among the consumers, customers or investors whereas organizational climate is more about what the employee thinks about the organization.

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