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My cancer that is! This time it is a rare form of blood cancer called multiple myeloma. My first thought when I looked it up on the internet was one of panic as it showed a life expectancy of only 5.5 years. But then I found a site where it said people had beaten the odds and lived up to 20 years after this diagnosis and felt instantly better.

Having already beaten prostate cancer, life-threatening brain surgery (twice) and obesity, I knew I was equipped to conquer this next challenge.

Having a great support network was very comforting. It includes my lovely wife Susan, son Keith Anthony, grandson Harry and a network of the finest medical professionals in the world.

After doing a great deal of research, I knew it was important to my recovery to maintain the same healthy lifestyle that I have over the last two decades.

But first I decided I needed a day of indulgence. After spending yesterday being poked and prodded in several doctors’ offices, I was feeling a little rundown and ready for a Saturday in my man cave watching the idiot box and promoting my new book.

My definition of indulgence is a day of eating and drinking what I want (within reason of course!) The favorite part was an Outback Cheeseburger but without the usual adult libation. Nobody loves their Saturday afternoon Godfather (yes, sometimes two!) more than I, but the look on Doctor Nervosa's face told me this was probably not a good idea. So I sacrificed (for me a big one!) and had a diet coke. Those of you that know me best will tell you that once I have beaten this (which I will!), I will pour one in a gallon jug!

What's ahead is unknown and a little daunting but I am determined to beat this just like I have beaten all the other health challenges placed in my path.

Someone much wiser than I (which actually includes an awful lot of people!) once told me that "God doesn't give you anything you can't handle."

I believe that to be true and have doubled my resolve to beat this cruel disease for a second time.

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Thanks for reading, Keith

As a recent cancer survivor, it is my honor to donate 25 cents for every copy of any of our books ordered this month to the American Cancer Society

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