How to evade food poisoning and/ or gastric illness during Morocco Trip

It may be the African country that is adjoining to Europe but people travelling to Morocco every year still end up with food poisoning and/ or gastric illness.

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It may be the African country that is adjoining to Europe but people travelling to Morocco every year still end up with food poisoning and/ or gastric illness. Agadir is home to some particularly popular all-inclusive hotels but you do not want to end up diarrhea and illness or "Agadiarrhoea" as it's recognized locally. In this article, we come up with suggestions as to how you can evade gastric illness in Morocco and what to do if you think you have tapered food poisoning.


Before you travel check that you have packed antiseptic and antiseptic wipes. We also acclaim that you check the foreign office advice if you are rational about travelling outside of your hotel.

Whilst in resort, accept the same kind of rigid approach to hygiene that you would in this country. Make sure you wash your hands carefully after you have been to the toilet and evoke to use your sanitizer if there is no soap. Avoid contact with animals and if you do come into contact with them, again make use of the sanitizer. If you think the restaurant is dirty, even if it's in your hotel, avoid eating there. Remember the rule that if the restaurant is dirty, the kitchen will be twice as bad. When using the hotel swimming pool, make sure you use the showers before you go in and out.

If you do get ill with severe symptoms of diarrhoea, vomiting, fever and belly pains it may be that you have food or water poisoning. The most mutual types are Shigella, Salmonella, Campylobacter, E. Coli and Cryptosporidium. It is generally only when you return to the UK and see a doctor that the reason of your disease can be identified. Your doctor will be able to establish stool samples and test consequences will reveal what illness you fixed.

If you booked your holiday with a tour operative, you may be able to claim benefit alongside them for your illness. A holiday law firm that has busy people that have worked in the business will help you make a prerogative.


If you are ill in Morocco, always urge on the side of attention if you are thinking about pursuing medical attention. Diarrhea and vomiting can lead to thirst which will only extenuate your harms. It is dynamic that you keep cool and hydrated. Contact your insurance company instantly if you do necessity medical responsiveness in Morocco. Remember that Morocco is not in the EU so it is perspective that there will be a charge for treatment.

If you do think your hotel is liable and you have booked a package, it is vital that you collect proof. Take photographs of the birds and flies in the restaurant. If your chicken has blood in it, take a snap of that too, even if it is on your mobile phone. Report your illness to your holiday rep and make sure you and they have kept a written record of it. Keep all proceeds relating to a prescription that you purchased and if you do go to a doctor or hospital ask them for copies of any documents they have kept relating to your illness.

Remember to make sure a stool sample is taken when your return to the UK.

A planned travel reparation lawyer can help you claim back thousands of pounds if your holiday has been ruined and the hotel are a mistake. Recent regulations mean that you can make a claim in the UK even though your holiday was in Morocco.

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